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Zest Bar Cafe @ Glow Hotel, Penang

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Sawa dee ka ~ Yes, Thai food again :D ! Zest Bar Cafe at Glow Hotel Penang is now introducing their new Thai menu! Click here for our previous posts about Zest Bar Cafe =D

Zest Bar Cafe Thai Food!

Khun heeu kao mai (Are you hungry)? =D Let's start from the colourful traditional Thai snack Miang Kam. The name itself means eat things in one bite, it is reflected by the way of eating this dish, where you will wrap ingredients like betel leaves, coconut, dried shrimps, red onions, peanuts, ginger and chili in a leave, then dip in the sweet and salty sauce. Then of course you need to chew it in your mouth! :P We still find it interesting to eat these leaves with bare hand, although this wasn't our first time, this dish was a bit too spicy to our liking. 

Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Penang
Miang Kam – RM 8
We are not surprised that the common Thai appetizer Som Tam is serving at Zest Bar Cafe too. Som Tam or green papaya salad with dried shrimps and spices, is a crunchy delicious. This salad is low in calories and fat but rich in flavour, maybe that is why it is so popular among Thai women. Som Tam is always a good starter to kick start a Thai feast!

Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Penang
Som Tam – RM 10
Another Thai appetizer option Yam Woon Sen is glass noodle salad with prawns, ginger flower and lime leaf. It is refreshing and light, many Thai people view this salad as a diet dish too, seems like eating Thai food could help in slimming down huh?

Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Penang
Yam Woon Sen – RM 12
Talking about Thai soup, Tom Yam Goong will automatically pop out on my mind. Zest Bar Cafe's Tom Yam Goong is full of ingredients and the most eye-catching one would be the big fresh prawns! This is a classic clear Tom Yam soup with lemongrass and shrimps aroma, however we both were not impressed by their Tom Yam, as we feel something was missing there. 

Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Penang
Tom Yam Goong – RM 18
Tom Kha Gai or Siam Chicken Soup is cooked with galangal in coconut cream and local spices. This soup is something new to me, perhaps it is because I could always only see Tom Yam in the Thai menu, (it's like no matter how many gorgeous faces set upon your eyes, if you already have your heart set on someone, you will hardly notice anyone =P) Tom Kha Gai was rich in coconut cream aroma and the chicken was tender but still, I prefer Tom Yam! Okay, that's just my personal affection, you might like this, so do have a try kay =D

Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Penang
Tom Kha Gai – RM 12
Zest Bar Cafe's Pad Thai or wok fried Thai noodle is cooked with prawns and bean curds presented in Pattaya style wrapping with egg. You could mix it together with roasted peanuts and beansprouts, and touch-up with the squeeze of lime juice.

Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Penang
Pad Thai – RM 15
Kaeng Phet is spicy red curry with vegetables, you could choose from either prawn or chicken for this curry, it is paired with steamed rice. If you like spicy stuffs, you could give this a try.

Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Penang
Kaeng Phet – RM 18
Gaeng Massaman is chicken or beef cooked with rich roasted peanut curry sauce and potato cubes, it comes with steamed rice too. Massaman actually means Muslim, maybe that's why I find the taste of this curry quite similar to Malaysian curry, just this with added roasted peanuts which I think is a good idea. This curry is rich in flavour yet relatively mild.

Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Penang
Gaeng Massaman – RM 18
Their Gaeng Keow Wan or Thai Green Curry is the spiciest I ever tasted! I would prefer the mild version, and personally I think as compared to broccoli, eggplant is still the perfect match for Thai Green Curry. Here you have the option of either chicken or prawn, we had chicken green curry that day, it is served with steamed rice as well.

Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Penang
Gaeng Keow Wan – RM 18
Pad Kra Prao is our favourite dish of that day! It is sauteed minced chicken with Thai Kra Prao leaf, this dish comes with steamed rice and also a sunny side up egg. If you don't like chicken, you could opt for beef with the same price. Pad Kra Prao is a simple dish yet it successfully made us crave for more!

Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Penang
Pad Kra Prao – RM 18
Thai dessert is something you shouldn't be missed! Here we have Sang Kaya Fak Tong, it is steamed sweet pumpkin with custard, it goes well with both coconut milk and the sesame syrup. If you do read our previous post about Sang Kaya Fak Tong, then I would frankly tell you this one is way better than that ;) 

Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Penang
Sang Kaya Fak Tong – RM 7
Another Thai dessert that you could have in Zest Bar Cafe is Khanom Khao Mao, it is ripe banana wrapped with roasted sticky rice and grated coconut, then deep fried to crisp on the outer layer. It goes well with the coconut milk, and is definitely a better version of normal fried bananas, we both like it a lot!

Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Penang
Khanom Khao Mao – RM 7 
There were quite a number of bloggers being invited for food review that day, and this was our long dining table, spot me? (Henry Darling said I look like a ghost in this picture, really? o.o)

Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Penang
Bloggers Food Review
So that's pretty much summed up the new Thai menu of Zest Bar Cafe! If you don't fancy Thai food, don't worry, they are also serving western cuisines such as sandwiches, burger and pasta. Furthermore, other than the Thai dishes mentioned above, there're still more options for you to choose from, please refer Zest Bar Cafe full menu below =)

Zest Bar Cafe Thai Menu
Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Penang
Dining Area
Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Penang
Zest Bar Cafe
Zest Bar Cafe @ Glow Hotel
101, Jalan Macalister, 
10400 George Town, Penang.

Business Hours: 
11.30am -5.00pm (lunch), 6.00pm -10.30pm (Dinner)

For Reservation: 
604-226 0084

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