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Kdai 69 Halal Food @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016

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Looking for a Halal place to eat in Krabi? Kdai 69 Halal Food is your solution! Okay maybe not. To be honest, this wasn't our pre-plan dining place. After checked in our hotel in Aonang Fiore Resort in the first night, we were supposed to go Jungle Kitchen, but only realized that it was full and need to pre-book. We were too hungry so we just simply settled down with any "decent" one that we came across. Definition of decent is looks bright, doesn't chop tourists and fill with customers.

Kdai 69 Halal Food located right at the road side, next to a petrol station (JR Pump) and just a stone throw away from the Ao Nang Mosque. It was really crowded when we arrived, so we thought to give it a try, after all the crowds must be there for a reason right?

What caught our attention the most was actually the Malaysia Flag that the put in their banner! So we started to wonder if the boss is Malaysian? But they don't speak Malay though. Or simply just a marketing gimmick to attract Malaysian like me? For whatever reason it is, surely it works as there were many Malaysian tourists sitting around me. 

By the time we sat down and take order, it was around 8.30pm and you can tell how hungry we were judging from the amount of food we ordered. One good thing that attracted me was their cheap set menu whereby food plus drink cost 79 baht only. Of course the first thing we ordered in Thailand has to be their - Rice Noodle with Tom Yum Soup! 

Well, we were quite surprised as the portion wasn't big. And most importantly, there's a lot of chili inside! Not that I can't eat spicy food, but I will just sweat a lot! Trust me, you would want to avoid that whole piece of chili! To be frank, we found it average, nothing much to shout about.  

The next one was Fried Rice with Chicken Fritter. The fried rice was rather bland and perhaps we should just pour all the sweet and sour sauce onto the rice. But the chicken fritter was delightful as it was wrapped with crispy batter and the chicken was really tender inside out. 

As we were too hungry, we ordered another Red Squid with Rice, which I supposed it should be "sotong masak merah"? Anyway, whatever that served to us was not up to my expectation. Maybe I was just simply having too high expectation on the food after all the travel hype. 

I think one of the major setback was that it took a long time for them to serve our food. We waited for like at least half an hour while there were only like 4 or 5 tables to serve. So maybe it wasn't crowded, the crowds were actually the same people waiting for their food! As you can see, my face was full of sweat after eating the Tom Yum and I could really need a big gulp of cold drinks.

Then again, another disappointment by the drinks. As we ordered 3 sets, we were entitled for 3 drinks too, namely, Teh Ice, Green Tea Ice and Ovaltine Ice. Well, most of the restaurant in Krabi serves Ovaltine instead of Milo. And most of you would know that I like to drink Teh Ice/Teh Peng a lot, but it was a disappointment as the drinks were totally diluted and tasteless. Like as if I'm just gulping in cold water to relief the spiciness only. But again, perhaps with that price, I can't expect much too right? Well, go try and tell me if it is worth a visit or not

Kdai 69 Halal Food
Next to JR Pump
Same row as the Aonang Mosque

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