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Krabi 4 Island Tour by Longtail @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016

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One of the top attraction in Krabi must be the 4 Island Tour! I believe same like me, you have no idea where to start with in planning the trip. Well, no worry, read on as I will share with you on my experience and how to plan better! 

Krabi 4 Island Tour by Longtail Boat

500 baht per pax
Inclusive of:
Round trip hotel transfer
Lunch with fruits dessert
Bottled drinking water
Snorkeling apparatus
Life jacket

As usual, after intensive research before the trip, we found that most of the people reckon that package should be booked at Aonang itself, not online and certainly not in the airport. For us, we booked our trip just the night before after we took our dinner at Kdai 69 Halal Food, so that, first, you can check the weather and make sure it is okay to go, second, you can never imagine how much lower they can offer until last minute (especially if you are going during a low season)! 

We went during the low season (Oct 21), so the charges were relatively low from the display price. As we will be going Phi Phi Island tour with speed boat, hence, we gave longtail boat a try for different experience. So as you can see, my package from The Leaf Guest House & Tour was actually Silver Tour (5 Islands Tour by Longtail) with the price of 500 baht per person. 500 baht probably not the cheapest, but we found that people on the same boat but having even higher price paid! Probably they are going through different agent.   

As the hotel we were staying, Aonang Fiore Resort, which is quite far away from Aonang Beach, the car that came to pick us up actually arrived right on time at 8.30am. Then they fetched us to Ao Nammao Pier whereby 10 baht of cleaning fee which was required to pay (included in package).  

Ao Nammao Pier was a bit secluded as there aren't many tourists there. I believe it is more like a loading bay for goods to be transferred to the hotels on islands. We saw quite a number of hotel staffs and even chefs waiting at the pier for their designated hotel longtail boat. Good for us as we have the time to put up lot of sun block as the sun shines bright! 

We met our longtail boat tour guide for the day. He's not too fluent in English but at least still communicable! He's very friendly and definitely not camera-shy as you may see from my Youtube video here! He told us that we were the only ones that riding on the boat at this pier and the rest will be picking up at West Railay Bay. The tour guide collected 400 baht from each of us too to pay for the national park fee. 

Good for us as Railay Beach was never in our plan, so we get to explore another new place. When we arived at the West Railay Bay, we were actually quite happy when the other 7 Caucasians tourists came on board to our longtail boat. And I'm sure you know why (as an Asian)! After some quick introduction, we got to know that 1 couple from US, another couple from England and 3 ladies from Brazil! U-la-la~~" atl = "Gif" />

The first island that we arrived at was Koh Tup (Tup Island). As you may read from all the online sources, Tup Island is more like white sandy beach for sun bathing and photo taking rather than snorkeling. We were given an hour on the beach to walk around and take photo. Believe it or not, even during low season, the white sandy beach was crowded too. I can't imagine how will it be if is peak season.

" atl = "Gif" />

With the lead of the Brazilian girls, we head up left side of the beach whereby we were being told that it is more secluded and less crowds. But due to the high tide and as well as the rocky roads, we decided not to continue further. We managed to snap a wefie together without anybody else in the background. But sun was too bright and you can see my eyes were like a straight line.

For those who came with friends, they certainly know how to entertain themselves. For us as a couple, there's nothing much we can do except taking selfies, strolling along the beach and looking around at the people. 

As you may know, 2 of the 4 islands are actually Koh Tup and Koh Mor, which they could be connected by a sand bar during low tide. Lucky for us as we were still able to cross to Koh Mor even though there's nothing much on the island itself. Everyone were there just for the sake of walking thru the sand bar.

As you can see in the photo, water start splashing in from both sides which is quite a unique phenomenon! After we walked back to Koh Tup, the life guard start to prohibit tourist to walk over anymore as the tide is getting higher.  

After that we were brought to visit the 3rd island - Koh Gai (Chicken Island). There's no stop for the beach or swimming here, but rather just sight seeing from the boat. Personally, I think nothing much other than taking photo of the chicken head. 

Then we were brought to somewhere for open water snorkeling. which I believe should be nearby the Koh Kai. But as the tour guide told us, the week that we visit was not a good week as the wave were rough and bumpy, hence the water is not clear.

There's not much of corals but rather just fishes around us. And yes, as you may see, there's only one type of fish that we spotted - striptailed demselfish or sergeant major, white body with a yellow top and has 5 vertical black stripes. 

After that, we took our lunch which was included in the package on a beach at an island. Not too sure what island was that, but baby and I ended up eating on boat as outside were too hot for us. Lunch was simple but we were starving so it was quite delectable

After lunch, we were brought to another open water snorkeling. But the wave was too rough, fin was needed even for our fellow Caucasians. So we ended up didn't enter the water at all. Too scared perhaps! >.<

As the wave was too rough, we couldn't get to Koh Poda. As time was running late, we were heading back to West Railay Bay. But since we missed out one of the islands, the tour guide decided to let us dropby Phra Nang Cave Beach on the Railay peninsula. We certainly feel lucky to have went to Phra Nang Cave Beach as the beach is really spectacular!  

As we continue to walk further, we arrived at Princess Cave whereby there's a shrine for the symbolic Phallus of Shiva. (FYI, Phallus is a penis, especially when erected) There are a big collection of carved wooden phallus, which believed could help with fertility

We ended our trip with a wefie with our tour guide. After back to Ao Nammao Pier, a car sent us back to our hotel which was included in the package as well. By the time we reached hotel, it was already 4pm. Personally, I think if you are staying for more than 3 nights, then perhaps 4 Island Tour should be included into your itinerary

What to bring:
Cash for National Park entry fee (400 THB / adult and 200 THB / child)
Swimming suits
Appropriate footwear 
Adequate sun protection (Waterproof sunblock, sunglasses and hat)
Beach towel
Waterproof bag

The Leaf Guest House & Tour
(Place we went to book our package)

Till then! Stay tuned to yummilicious food post next:
Ton Ma Yom Thai Food Restaurant @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016

Meanwhile, check out our Youtube video too!

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  1. Hey, guys!
    It must have been an amazing experience!
    Ao Nang has so many things to offer!

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  3. It is always good to good to these kind of attraction places during low season right. I like going to visit to attraction places during that time because I know I will get cheaper prices

  4. beautiful moment, amazing experience.. nice photo u have.. anyway, thanks for sharing the info..

  5. Wallaweyh look so nice. Krabi is in my bucket list too. Maybe end of this year kot.

  6. Nice view. Always dreamed to be there. But for now, I avoid the Island for vacation.

  7. selalu baca mengenai krabi, teringinnya nak sampai sana! thnkyou for sharinG!

  8. Nice sharing!! selalu terbaca pasal krabi ni teringin juga nak sampai sana :)

  9. I've been to Krabi and the beach is beautiful and calm but it's the edge that we can not come back later.

  10. Cantik betul Krabi , ramai geng yang dah pegi ..ada peluang dan rezeki nak ke sana juga

  11. I love the island with spectacular views and scenery..the foods also awesome..easy to find halal food there

  12. Bookmark this entri for my reference ! thanks sharing

  13. Rindu betul dengan Krabi..tapi memang betul lagi seronok kalau pergi ramai2 dgn kawan2. Last pergi dulu kita sewa longtail boat(not sharing), then tidur (berkhemah) di one of the!

  14. looks so much fun there. lovely couple, nice

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  16. wow my family member mostly have been to krabi, I hope I will be there too but its not in wishlist yet


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