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Hasna Seafood Halal Restaurant @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016

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Hasna Seafood was another Halal Restaurant in Krabi that we went during our 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016. In the first day of our trip, we went to Kdai 69 Halal Food for dinner because Jungle Kitchen was full. On our last day, we went to Hasna Seafood Halal Restaurant because Massaman Restaurant was not open yet. (Low season they tend to close especially if is raining and no crowds) Apparently we have no luck with those top rated restaurants, except for Ton Ma Yom

Hasna Seafood Halal Restaurant @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016

Hasna Seafood Halal Restaurant was the only one restaurant that opens at 9am. Yes, low season and raining season, the opening hours of many restaurants will be different from the usual/publish/display time. It is located along the main road which is quite easy to spot as they are next to their own hotel, Hasna Palace. (From the map you can see that Tom Ma Yom is actually nearby too!)  

Hasna Seafood Halal Restaurant @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016

Probably it was too early and also raining, there were not anyone except baby and I. We did not know what to order or what is famous there. (It doesn't make it into my list during my intensive online research) It doesn't help too when they don't really speak communicable English. We just want to get our breakfast done before proceed to do some shopping at Tesco Lotus. 

Hasna Seafood Halal Restaurant @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016

So we ended up ordering strawberry fruit juice (50 baht) which we had confirmed with them that the strawberries are fresh blended one. Trying to be healthy after eating all the sinful food throughout the trip. Meanwhile for our breakfast, we ordered Banana Pancake and Thai Noodle. 

Hasna Seafood Halal Restaurant @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016
Hasna Seafood - Thai Noodle (80 baht)

Thai Noodle was something that we had never tried or heard before. It almost looks like Malaysia style of Char Hor Fun, the shape of the noodle is similar but yet the color of the gravy was lighter was way too thick and gooey for our liking. Nevertheless, the chef was generous with the ingredients, but given the price at 80 baht, I would say that it is still reasonable.  

Hasna Seafood Halal Restaurant @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016
Hasna Seafood - Banana Pancake (40 baht)

To be honest, we were not too fond with the pancake, as it is nothing more than a crispy Roti Pisang. But given that it was our last day and we really had no other option, so yeah, just for the sake of filling the stomach. But it came to our surprise that it tastes good, the skin was crispy because of the melted sugar caramelized the top layer, while the soft texture of banana makes it a good combo!   

Overall, I think if you are looking for Halal Restaurant, perhaps can try out Hasna Seafood. They sell boat noodle too but we were too early and they were not ready yet. Anyway, speaking of Boat Noodle, there's a shop with the name Boat Noodle as well. I made it as my contingency plan in my itinerary but ended up they were not open either. 

Hasna Seafood Halal Restaurant
2 Moo 2 Aonang Beach, Muang, Krabi, 81000, Thailand
+66 84 744 0279

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