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MyRoti Panggang (Roti UFO) @ Bayan Lepas, Penang

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Thanks to Buletinmutiara Facebook, MyRoti Panggang also known as Roti UFO went viral with thousands of Like and Share. The photo of the egg yolk oozing out from the roti panggang (roasted bread) attracted us the most. Hence, we decided to try it out since it is quite near to baby's house

I am quite familiar with that area as I always went to the Caltex Petrol Station which is nearby to this burger truck. But to be honest, we always thought it was just another roadside burger truck. Besides, there is on-going major road reconstruction, so we tend to pay more attention to the road while driving.   

As you know, it is not usual for us to write review on burger stall. The only few ones that I wrote were Burger Bakar (Click here to read) and also Penang Biggest Burger (Click here to read), which was many years ago! But since this is like a current viral thing, so I supposed it's good to write a review for you to decide if you should try it out or not. 

We ordered 2 specials - GCB (Grilled Chicken Burger) and Mutton Burger for RM5 each. However, we got to know that there's no egg added for special, so we ordered another one which is under the regular menu - Roti Panggang Telur Cheese (Egg Cheese) for RM3. As far as I know, Special Menu is written on the rectangular blackboard whereby it might change daily. 

Before you continue to scroll down, I apologize for the unpleasant-looking photos of burger with my teeth marks. I should have asked the boss to cut it into half with their knife. And which is also why the effect of the egg yolk oozing out was not obvious in the photo. :X

The boss uses the normal burger bread, sliced it half, added in all the ingredients and squeeze it in between of the sandwich toaster that imported all the way from England. From the Buletinmutiara Facebook and also some search in Google, I got to know that the vintage hand-held round sandwich maker is made by Nutbrown, a classic British kitchenware company. It costs RM65.54 each! (Price gotten from here, all hail the internet!!)

Personally, I think it is just like a burger squeeze into a pocket sandwich with all the burger ingredients. Roti panggang telur cheese can never fail especially when the egg was done to perfection with runny egg yolk. I prefer GCB over the Mutton because GCB uses the actual grilled chicken thigh instead of the ordinary chicken patty. Topping wise, both were the same, with mayonnaise, cabbage and red onion, something like coleslaw.

If you are coming from Batu Maung/MNC factory areas, MyRoti Panggang will be located on your right which is after Caltex Petrol Station. And if you are coming from Teluk Kumbar or Sungai Ara, MyRoti Panggang will be on your left which is before Caltex Petrol Station. It is located directly opposite of Pusat Perabut Soonlie

Overall, I think it would be great if they actually use real strips of mutton and I would also hope to see some green lettuce that can make it more colorful and appealing too! Personally, I think it is good to try it out if you are nearby. Otherwise, coming all the way from town, just for this burger? Well, probably not for me. 

But anyhow, from the Buletinmutiara Facebook, seems like the boss is planning to upgrade their truck. Hopefully when they have it, they can make it mobile to all the pasar malam, instead of just a location which is far away from the crowds. 

MyRoti Panggang (Roti UFO)
Kampung Binjai, Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Tel: 012-4713699 / 0134453724
Opens everyday except Sunday
Opening hour: 4pm to 10pm

Till then. ;)
Happy eating!
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