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Masakan Kampung Ramadhan Buffet 2017 @ Eastin Hotel Penang

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Ramadhan is coming again and this year Eastin Hotel Penang's culinary team putting together an elaborate "Masakan Kampung" style Ramadhan buffet dinner, the kind of feast that mothers used to prepare for special occasions. This special buffet promotion will be starting from 28 May to 24 June 2017 at Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang. 

Masakan Kampung Ramadhan Buffet

28 May - 24 June 2017
7pm - 10pm

Normal Price : RM120 nett 

Senior citizen and children get 50% discount!

As usual starting with the appetizer, Eastin Hotel Penang offers 10 different choices of Aneka Kerabu (Assorted Salad) with some of the noteworthy ones such as Kerabu Ikan Masin, Kerabu Mussels and even Kerabu Petai! I am not really a Kerabu-person as sometimes I find them either too salty or too sourish to my liking, but these were just nice to kick start my meal

If you need power pack for protein especially for those gym-goers, salmons are available under the assorted sushi and sashimi with condiments section. Since baby and I ate quite a lot of salmon recently (both at home and outside), we went for more on the butterfish. Assorted sushi? Not at all as we do not want to stuff our stomach with rice. 

Assorted fruits are available and as usual, we took those uncommon and expensive ones such as kiwi, strawberries and plum! 😁 But personally I took some nangka (jackfruit) as well cause I find them appetizing given that they have the distinctive fragrance that I like. 

Since it is a Ramadhan buffet, Eastin Hotel Penang also provides Ulaman dan Herba Kampung and some greens for DIY salad. Rojak Mambo is available too with all the crucial ingredients such as cucumber, pineapple, fried tofu, jicama and most importantly the mouth-watering black-thick shrimp paste. Too many food to try in the buffet, so baby and I totally skipped this! 😆

For the main course of the Ramadhan buffet, Eastin Hotel Penang serves some of the hot dishes such as Ketam Manis, Kong Po Sotong, Kam Heong Bubuh Lala, Oatmeal Prawn, Daging Kuzi Daun Pudina, Ayam Masak Merah and many more. I bet these names certainly ring a bell as these are exactly what our mum would cook. Kam Heong Bubuh Lala (Bamboo Clam) is rare to find in a buffet dinner, but I certainly find the Kam Heong style satisfying to go with rice!

Then, here comes some of the main highlights of the Masakan Kampung Ramadhan, Gulai Daging Kawah Gopi and Gearbox Soup! Gearbox Soup at the mini stalls caught my attention the most as I never expect that it would be served in a buffet dinner! A big pot of soup with full of huge cattle bones, this is like the another version of oxtail soup that I like a lot. The fun part is that we were given a straw to slurp in all the bone marrow! Yums!

The next highlight is the Kambing Golek Beratur Panjang (Roasted Lamb) which made of fresh blended herbs accompanied with mouth-watering Biryani Pak Raj. 5 different sauces were available, but baby and I like the mint sauce the most. 

There are a few mini stalls that serve a varities of dishes such as Ubi Bakar, Selangor Popiah Basah with Condiments, Pulut and Lemang, Ketupat with Assorted Serunding and many more. Chicken Satay, Beef Satay, Tandoori Skewers and some of the soup noodles are available during the buffet.

Lastly, dessert to end the meal at the Ramadhan buffet. On top of the typical dessert such as Chocolate Fountain and flavorful cakes, Eastin Hotel Penang also serves some Malay cookies, Traditional Malay Kuih, ais kacang and also ice cream. This round, baby and I like the bread pudding the most especially it was topped with our favorite pistachio nuts! 

During the Ramadhan buffet, guests will be entertained by the live band performance from 3-piece Batak band all the way from Indonesia. They certainly make the ambiance much more relaxing

Overall, I find it worth to try given that there's gearbox soup and roasted whole lamb. So if you are looking for a place to dine during Ramadhan, look no further, Eastin Hotel Penang should be top of your list! To make it more attractive, head over to Eastin Hotel Penang Facebook (Click Here) to get discounted price at RM100 nett per person! 
Book NOW at 604 - 612 1128

Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang.
1, Solok Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.


Happy Ramadhan in advance!
Till then! ;)
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  1. yum yum yum
    I saw oatmeal prawn, sushi, kam heong bamboo clams,black shrimp paste rojak
    all are my favourite neh
    I'm looking for more Ramadhan buffet invite in KL

  2. Can't believe Ramadhan month is almost upon us. I look forward to exploring yummy local food. This is a delicious buffet! ^.^

    1. Yes! this kind of Ramadhan buffet will be a good chance to explore especially some of those Malay dishes!

  3. Whoah, so many choice and yummy.. make me hungry right now..

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to share #I Blog My Way to your friends as well!


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