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Doutor Coffee Japan @ Gurney Plaza Penang

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Doutor Coffee Japan finally opened their first outlet in Penang at Gurney Plaza. It is a Japanese retail company that specializes in coffee roasting and was founded by Toriba Hiromichi. Doutor partners with Texchem Group, which owns 106 Sushi King Outlets in Malaysia, to expand Doutor's market in Malaysia. Thanks to their invitation, I was there for the opening ceremony.

Doutor Coffee Japan Now in Gurney Plaza Penang!

Doutor Coffee is well known for its open-flame roasted beans, which is a time-consuming method that involves a labyrinthine process that yields complex, richly flavored coffee beans. Doutor Coffee also practices the "3 Fresh" philosophy - "Freshly Roasted", "Freshly Ground" and "Freshly Brewed". This philosophy ensures that it offers freshly brewed coffee and food are being prepared upon order. 

The Doutor Coffee chain in Malaysia is designed to cater to the different Malaysian taste buds with a beverage menu that not only offers Espresso-based coffee, mixed blends and hand-brewed coffee of single origin, but also whips up non-coffee beverages for non-coffee drinkers. Doutor Coffee also provides wide range of food and even cakes, desserts and pastries. 

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, we had the chance to witness the "Coffee Performance" whereby the Master Roaster, Mr Masahiro Kanno demonstrated to us on how Doutor Coffee is being prepared using the Hario V60 coffee dripper. FYI, Mr Masahiro Kanno is also the chairperson for Training Committee under Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ). 

We get to try and taste the difference between blend and single origin hand brewed coffee. We were given a coffee bean introduction card whereby we get to know the coffee bean is G1 Misty Valley brand from Eithiopia Natural Yirgacheffe region, which is at altitude of 1800 to 2050 MASL. One should expect the taste of incredible fruit sweetness, pineapple and berry notes balanced out with delicate acidity with chocolate finish and velvety body. 

After the performance we get to try most of the food in their menu. We started off with different type of drinks, both coffee and non-coffee beverages. Among all of them, Honey Latte (RM12.90), Military Latte (RM15.90) and Creme Brulee Latte (RM15.90) caught my attention the most. Their decent appearance certainly makes it one of the best for Instagram photo

We tried the Fresh Sandwiches as well which include Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich (RM12.90), Tuna Cheddar Sandwich (RM12.90) and even Shrimp Avocado Sandwich (RM14.90)! As you can see from the photo below, the fillings are generous, but given with the price, it should be, otherwise it would be darn expensive. 

We tried the Fluffy Rice series as well which include Fluffy Omu Tomato Rice (RM17.90) and Fluffy Souffle Doria (RM19.90). Fluffy Souffle Doria stands out the most as it is actually sauteed tomato rice topped with fluffy souffle egg, parmesan cheese and parsley. Again, they are all very eye-catching! 

Up to now, all seems to be quite Japanese style right. Boom! Spaghetti! It's available in Doutor Coffee as well! Not just one or two, but all seven different types of Spaghetti up to choose, such as Seafood Tomato Sauce Spaghetti (RM14.90) which consists of clams, mussels, calamari rings and shrimps! Carbonara with Yolk & Bacon Spaghetti (RM15.90) was equally good too but Mentai Shrimp Spaghetti (RM18.90) caught my attention the most! 

Mentai Shrimp Spaghetti features shrimp, Shimeji mushrooms, mentaiko, broccoli and spaghetti, topped with mentaiko and nori! You should notice that I mentioned mentaiko (fish roe) twice, because that's how brilliant it is, imagine the texture you bite on when the fish roe pops in your mouth and added extra flavor to the spaghetti.

If you prefer not so heavy meal, Doutor Coffee offers dessert such as souffle and French Toast as well. We tried Caramel French Toast (RM15.90), Matcha Souffle (RM8.90) and Matcha Souffle Pancake (RM14.90). It's the ultimate combination of Japanese Matcha with French delicacy.

Overall, I think the coffee and food in Doutor Coffee are good and most importantly very affordable especially given that it is located at al-fresco area of Gurney Plaza. Something worth mentioned is that all the items in the menu costs less than RM20, which is a rare case to find in Gurney Plaza. So you know where to go if you are looking for good coffee and good food without burning your pocket!

Doutor Coffee Japan
(Next to Dome, Gurney Plaza)

Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday : 10am - 10pm
Friday - Saturday : 10am - 11pm 

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