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Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner 2017 @ Sunway Hotel Penang

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Christmas is coming when you start to see turkey again! Baby and I went for the preview of Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner at Sun Cafe, which will be available in both Sunway Hotel Georgetown and Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya. So if you are wondering where to celebrate Christmas Eve, read on!

Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner
24th December 2017
7:00 pm until 10.30 pm

Adult - RM88 nett
Children - RM58 nett
Senior Citizens - RM65 nett

Available in both Sunway Hotel Georgetown & Seberang Jaya

No worry if you are looking for a place to celebrate the last day of 2017 with a big feast, New Year Eve's Buffet Dinner is available at Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya too. The time and price would be the same as the Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner. 

As usual, we started off the Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner with soup. Two types of soup were available, namely Creamy Seafood Chowder and Roasted Tomato Soup. Garlic bread and butter are being served too! 

Next, we had the fresh seafood on ice. Salmon, tiger prawns and mussels are available to go with various sauces such as Tabasco, lemon wedges, superior soy sauce, wasabi and dijon mustard. Don't you think the tiger prawns are like Nemo (clown fish)? 😂

Right before the main course, some greens are necessary as well to feel less sinful. Sunway Hotel serves colorful garden salads such as the Crispy Seasonal Lettuce, Caesar Salad with Shaved Parmesan, Cheese Platter as well as all the salad dressing. Cold dishes like Chilled Shrimp with Cilantro Salsa in Glass, Pickled Beef with Shredded Gherkin and Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad were being served too. 

For the main dishes, Sunway Hotel serves the best of both world, the American Station and the Asian Station. We had the Classic Pilaf Rice, Oven Baker Marinated Tiger Prawn, Chicken Fricassee, Roasted Beef with Smoked Pepper Sauce, Pan Seared Butter Fish with Buffet Herb Crust and Red Onion Relish, Farfalle Sausages Primavera, Roasted Baby Potato and Broccoli Polonaise. 

Personally, I like the Chicken Fricassee topped with white sauce. Fricassee, a French style of cooking where the chicken were being sautéed and braised. This way it browns the chicken and keep it moist and tender! I can hardly find it elsewhere in Penang!

The main highlight of Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner of course must be the Oven Baked Turkey with Homemade Gravy, Stuffing with Cranberry Sauce, Mushroom Sauce and Minty Black Pepper Sauce. Don't miss out the live show where the chef prepare right at the carving board.  

A feast is not complete without a sweet ending. The Assistant Pastry Chef from Sunway Hotel, Chef Huzaimi will impress you with his finest creations, such as Christmas Mince Pie, Tradditional Christmas Stollen, Christmas Log Cake, Chocolate Truffle Cake and many more! 

Overall, I think the Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner at Sunway Hotel is suitable for family and friends gathering, whereby the price is affordable, given that it is a 4-Star hotel. Festive season can be packed of people, so be sure to make reservation early to avoid disappointment! 

04-370 7788 - Seberang Jaya
04-229 9988 - Georgetown

Happy food hunting!
And Merry Christmas in advance! 
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  1. Always waiting for Christmas...just because of sales and the most important is too many buffet offer in town..

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  3. Tidak pernah makan ayam Turkey. Teringin pula nak rasa. Chicken Fricassee tu memang nampak sedap, cuma tak suka pastri.

  4. Wow cepatnya dah ada promosi krismas hehehe kita pun tak sabar nak pergi makan sebab Malaysia ni banyak makan sedap-sedap bila tiba musim perayaan besar macam ni hehehehe...

  5. Makanan semua nampak sedap sekali... Kena kosongkan perut nak makan buffet promosion ni

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