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Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner 2017 @ St Giles Wembley Cafe Penang

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Christmas is coming! Have you made up your mind on where to enjoy a big feast on Christmas Eve with friends and family? Well, here is another good choice for Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner 2017 at St Giles Wembley Cafe in Penang. Read on to find out more! 

Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner 2017
7pm on 24 December 2017

RM138nett (Adult)
RM70nett (Child)
RM97nett (Senior Citizen)

Our last visit was back in 2015 when St Giles Wembley Hotel Penang just opened. So fast it has been 2 years already. Nevertheless I still have a fond memory of the seafood on ice here particularly snow crab! Thanks to St Giles Wembley Hotel Penang, baby and I had the chance to preview their Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner.

We were impressed by the scrumptious International fare that includes dishes like Lightly Smoked and Roasted Beef Tenderloin, Rosemary Lamb Leg with Garlic and Rosemary Sauce, Chicken Gelatine with Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Pan Roasted Nile Perch with Almond Butter, Salmon with Avocado Pesto and many more! 

Personally, I like their Spaghetti with Turkey Slice and Bell Pepper, Chicken Gelatine and Salmon with Avocado Pesto. Satay was good too. Same like the previous visit, baby and I enjoyed eating their seafood on ice which consists of spanner crab, snow crab, oyster, crayfish and many more. 

Besides the main course, the appetizers, soups, sushi and sashimi are all available too. The lobster bisque caught our attention as this is rare to find in any other buffet dinner in Penang. The fragrant of the soup certainly can spice up our appetite and hunger for more food. 

One of the main highlights for Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner in St Giles Wembley Cafe is the Lobster Thermidor. Yes, I am talking about the French dish whereby the creamy mixture of lobster meat were stuffed in the lobster shell and topped with cheese. I can eat a lot of this!!! 😋😋😋

One of the must-eat-dish for Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner has to be the Roast Turkey with cranberry sauce, Giblet sauce and chestnut stuffing. But we also enjoyed the typical Chinese style of Roast Chicken, White Chicken (boiled), as well as "Char Siew" Chicken (grilled).

Overall, I always think that buffet dinner are all about the same unless there is product differentiation. So for me, what I like about the Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner here is because St Giles Wembley Cafe Penang offers something like Louisiana Seafood Boil or like "Shellout", "Crab Factory" or "Lobster and Crab" in Malaysia, where you get down and dirty eating with your hands.

Lazy to read? Watch the video here!

For Reservation
Call 04-259 8123 

Enjoy your big feast!
Merry Christmas in Advance!

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  1. food looks delicious..dahla nad suka seafood

    1. yesss i think for a seafood lover like me, St Giles Wembley Cafe would be perfect fit for you!

  2. nampak sedap semua makanan i pun suka seafoodddd

    1. haha then you kena try la the Buffet Dinner dekat St Giles Wembley Cafe!

  3. Replies
    1. thanks. yes the Buffet Dinner at St Giles Wembley Cafe worth the money being paid in my opinion.

  4. Replies
    1. Haha Alia Buffet Dinner dekat St Giles Wembley Cafe betul betul sedapppp !

  5. wah... love the foods so much! and your pictures looks good too!

    1. that's the way to make you tempted to go try Buffet Dinner at St Giles Wembley Cafe! :D

  6. Dah pernah makan kat st Giles. Semua food kat situ sedap...

    1. glad that you like the Buffet Dinner kat St Giles Wembley Cafe! :D

  7. Omg the food! mak eme want to make reservation for my family gathering during Christmas.

    1. that's great! you gotta book it fast before fully booked! :D


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