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Chinese New Year 2019 Promotion @ Lexis Suites Penang

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Looking for a place to celebrate Chinese New Year? Look no further, Lexis Suites Penang will be offering their exclusive Chinese New Year 2019 Promotion. Read on to find out more about it!

Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Dinner
4th February 2019 
6.30pm to 10.30pm

RM120 - Adult
RM90 - Senior Citizens
RM70 - Children

Prosperity Salmon Yee Sang
4th February 2019 - 19 February 2019
11.00am to 10.00pm

RM108 per set for 10 pax

Prosperous Chinese New Year
Yee Sang with 9-Course Set Menu
4th February 2019 - 19 February 2019 
6.30pm to 10.30pm

RM888 nett
RM1088 nett
RM1388 nett

Prosperous Steamboat Set Dinner
4th February 2019 - 19 February 2019 
6.30pm to 10.30pm

RM360 - 4 pax
RM500 - 6 pax
RM988 - 10 pax

with complimentary Salmon Yee Sang platter

Thanks to Lexis Suites Penang, bae and I got to try out their Prosperity Salmon Yee Sang, Prosperous Steamboat as well as their Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Dinner. As usual, we started off the buffet dinner with their wide spread of appetizer such as the Rojak, various type of salads, as well as cheese platter! 

Since bae and I are currently on a Ketogenic diet so that we can have a big feast during Chinese New Year, we actually happy to see the greens and the cheese platter! Before moving into main dishes, Dim Sum such as SiuMai, HarGao and various type of Baos were available too for a nibble. 

Well, given that we cannot take carb, so we skipped the Dim Sum and proceed to the Seafood on Ice. Lexis Suites Penang keep it simple by providing Scallops, Mussels, Prawns and Crayfish! Great, these seafood on ice are all very keto-friendly, so certainly suit to our meal plan! 

So next we moved on to the main dishes! Executive Chef, Johnno Fong and his culinary team from Lexis Suites Penang have prepared mouth watering Oriental style dishes namely, Golden Fried Rice, Fatt Choi Scallop Meat Yee Foo Noodles, Lexis Style Salted Egg Prawn, Ginger and Szechuan Sauce, Herbal Chicken with Wolfberry and so on.

The dish that caught my attention the most is actually the Ostrich with Spring Onion. OSTRICH!! I don't think I have eaten such an exotic meat in my whole life. After a quick search on Google, Ostrich in fact is also one of the zero carb meat. Surprisingly, Ostrich meat is quite delicious, very tender and I almost cannot tell the difference from the typical red beef meat. 

After a few round of big feast on the main dishes, we moved on to the dessert. Lexis Suites Penang offers assorted Mini French Pastries, Chocolate Fountain, Ice Kacang, Dried Longan with Peach Gum Soup and many others. Since it is Chinese New Year celebration, succulent Mandarin Oranges, Fortune Cookies, Chinese Cookies and Pandan Tau Fu Fa with Brown Sugar are compulsory too! 

During the buffet, guests will also get to enjoy Dou Mask changing performance, God of Prosperity/Fortune walkabout, live band performance, and stand a chance to win attractive lucky draw prizes as well. So if are interested, make your booking now!

Make Your Reservation NOW!

28, Jalan Teluk Kumbar, 
11920 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Tel: +60 4-628 2888

Till then. ;)
Happy Chinese New Year in advance!
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  1. Very good sharing.Blog look so nice

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I cant takes my eyes away from all the food..looks really tempting especially seafood platter because i am seafood lover..been so long not joining the yee sang..try to find one this year

  4. Why this place so far from KL???? I love yee sang, always waiting for Chinese New Year. I hope this year i can try seafood with yee sang.

  5. yummy! tak sabar nak makan besar malam CNY bulan Feb nanti. Semua menu nampak sedap & fresh. Terus rasa lapar scroll gambar dari atas sampai bawah. Cuti sekolah nanti nak try datang Lexis Penang la

  6. nampak sedap-sedap semuanya menu-menu di atas ni ek, siap ada steamboat lagi. ini first time makan besar dengan steamboat kan. Boleh jugak ke Lexis Penang ni nanti, rasanya ini hotel baru kan

  7. Hevenlah ada promosi dkt hotel terkemuka mcm ni. Mesti hidangan dia menarik, servis juga terbaik. Nanti bulan tiga nak pergi pinang, boleh usha dah ni Lexis Penang.

  8. Yummy! Makan dan makan lagi. Membuatkan Min sentiasa kenyang perut dengan artikel korang. Sebab pastinakan terus terjah untuk turut rasa keenakan makanan di tempat makan best.hee..

  9. Omg!! The food all look very tempting. I want to eat them all. I am vegetarian now. So have to control myself.

  10. Woahhhhh seafood sini mewah la. Scallop pun ada. Udang udang nampak besar dan fresh la. Kalau nak celebrate CNY boleh la celebrate kat sini untuk orang yang menetap di Pulau Pinang.

  11. Wahhh . .the price is affordable with the variety types of menu.if i ada kat tempat you,i jadi rambang mata nak choose which menu untuk i cuba dan makan. The foods looks delicious and make me tempting lor

  12. The fried lobsters look really, really appetizing. For those in Penang this is really a feast to savour. :)

  13. Wowww nampak sedap makanan dia..untunglah siapa yang makan kat sana sempena CNY ni nanti. Kalau dekat memang sis dah pergi makan kat sana..tapi jauh sangat di Penang

  14. The choices of food here is huge and there's something for everyone. The price is also reasonable and I immediately drawn to the pao and the dim sum. Gimme now!

  15. Fuyoooo.. .makan tak ajakkkkkk.. .Sedih u xdpt join dis one sebab ank i. Bru ja dscharge from ward hari tu

  16. banyaknya makanan..semua nampak edap..dimsum tu menawan di hati..hehee..tak pernah makan chinese new year boleh sambut dekat sini. makan ramai-rami dengan keluarga sambil bercuti kan..ehe

  17. Ya Ampun ini satu dugaan ni bila baca entry u di pagi hari,hehe...rindu dengan makanan cina, suka sup sarang burung. sedapnya :D

  18. Waahh.. Pelbagai pilihan menu la. Boleh la pilih disitu je bila tiba masanya nanti. Just standby money je. Hehe

  19. Wah so much variety sure your tummy will be happy..Happy Chinese New Year in advance!

  20. The salmon yee sang looks really good ...makes me hungry nowww..its great choice for cny reunion with family

  21. Wow they have promotion!!! My family and I planning to done there for this coming cny... After seeing this, definitely we will choose this!!


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