Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Henry Tan | 6:45 PM |
Just wanna express my feelings about blogging.
To me, blogging is not just about writing stuff.

I know i did use my blog to express all kind of feelings.
Ups and downs, anything and everything are all here.
In the future, if i look back my blog,
I won't feel anything other than happy.

Happy that how far i have come to.
Happy that how fast i have grow up to.
Most importantly, see the process of changing.

Through blogging, I get to know some other bloggers too.
All kinds of people, writing different things about themselves.
But one thing for sure, those are the things they wanna share about.

To me, it is the same.
Sharing stuff to the rest,
hoping that people will encourage me for good things,
hoping that people will advice me for the wrong doings,
or even hoping that people will care about me.

Blog give me something that the real people around me could not give. *shit, i sound so pathetic! =.=*
Every time people reply or comment on my post, I would feel glad.
Glad that at least there is someone out there who still cares.

Thus, I would do the same to the rest.
I would slowly read through all the words,
so that I could understand or at least show my concern.

Cause i always believe:

"Good people will always have good ending"

Please tell me this is true. LOL.

So lastly, 
Thank you to...
those who read my blog,
those who chat with me,
those who leave comment for me,
those who visit my blog,
and those who help me click my ads. 

Thank you very much! =D
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  1. I like! I like! Even though I'm still one of the new followers, nak prasan kejap ;)

  2. Speaking abt ads. till now i've earned 50 cents only. lol. zzzz

  3. lol. terima kasih nona! =D you are always here to comment! =)


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