Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Japan Trip Day 3

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In the third day, we visited to the Imperial Palace.


Special Post Box

Street View


100 Yen Lawson Store! Must go!

I didnt noe it means exit in Chinese. =p

Street View. 

Imperial Palace Map.

Dog and Bicycle are not allowed? I assumed from the picture. lol

The palace entrance.

City is just around the palace. 

erm.. some house i guess. lol

Guard house in english which im not so sure. 

100 people house? lol

I guess so. lol

Explanation of the wall structure.

You can see how tall it is.


Peaceful garden! I LIKE!

Nothing can beat this big comfort field! 

Just so... nice to rest!

Watch Tower

Watch tower...

Music hall

really artistic music hall!

Me and TeeHai

So nice fountain.

City outside palace.

Very nice!



Looking into the blue sky!

Pond side!

I like reflection!

Me and reflection!

Focus Yellow flower!

My favorite reflection!

Night at the city!

Big white pooh!

Cupid on the street!

Eating underground.

Fish with egg inside. forgot what's the name.


very nice also this one!

Malaysia when only can have this kind of street?

Night at the city!

Prada Bears! Looks cool!

Food street!

Our favourite Bento Stall! Cheap and nice!

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