Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Henry Tan | 6:50 PM |
Yup! Watched this movie today.
For some time that I didn't watch thriller movie. haha.
I have to say it is nice!
It does scared me out of hell!

They are waiting for u!

There are some shocking moments where you already expected but yet still got scared. lol.
Of course, some people would prefer just covered their eyes first. =p

I wonder if there's 3D in Malaysia? lol

The touching moment where he sacrifice himself to fight with the crazy fish!!

ermmm.. they look like terminator's piranha with the red eyes. =.=

I would say that this is a must watch movie.
Especially if you are going with some friends that are scared. =p

And.. I like the last part where they were told that those attacked them just the baby fishes.
When the guy asked like where are their parents?? 
Then..... BOOOM! He got eaten! by the big ones. LOL!

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