Monday, September 20, 2010

My Silly Wish

Henry Tan | 12:13 AM |
Let me share on a silly wish that I have before I came to MMU.

I am not sure about anyone else.
But before I enter this university, I do think that university period is the time to look for a good girlfriend and stable down.
No more relationship games, no more flirting around.

That time, the silly wish that I hope for:

"A perfect girlfriend!"

Yeah, I know what you gonna say.. "No1 is perfect, right?" =p
Well, perfect as in fulfilling my checklist.
Everyone wants the best to be with for the rest of their life mahhhhh!
So, what's in my checklist?
- pretty *frankly, no one would want ugly thing*
- tall *I am 183cm, what can you expect for?*
- rich *At least I don't have to pay everything for her*
- smart *I can't accept people who do stupid things or blur blur*
- love me more than anything else *maybe more than i love her!*

Hold on your anger! 
I know reading till this part, 
you are thinking 
"What a jerk!"

Okay, I should stop here.
If i list another five, probably you would want to kick my ass! haha

Now that I have come to my third year of studying here.
But I am still single. 

I know you are thinking...  
"Serve you right, dumb ass!"

I told you so, it is a silly wish.

Went through a lot within the 3 years,
and I have come to a conclusion that...

"Feeling is all it matters!"

Life is not always like how you expect it to be.
Sadly to say, when I finally learned the lesson,
but I am no longer able to find a girl that I will have feeling for.

"Feeling is everything."

-till then-
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  1. "feeling is everything"
    I agree to this!!!

    because the first thing I am looking for, in a relationship is the "Feeling~"

  2. I don't think it's silly. This is someone whom you want to spend the rest of your life with, it's worth being choosy. If you just settle for something you are dissatisfied with, the dissatisfaction will accumulate over time, and someday it might overwrite your feelings.

    :) Don't worry. My brother found his love (soon to be married) by the age of 28 (round up 30). You're still young.

    And maybe this is better for you. A university girl, or a career woman? Maybe you will find her when you are working, during one of your work assignments. Then you know at least she's independent (thus, you don't need to buy everything for her). If you just find a rich one to stable down, guess what? She's comfortable being rich, by the time you want to settle down with her, she'd be asking you to buy her many things.

    And yes, feelings is important. If you love her, then you see her as completing those things. If you don't, then you'll just find her inadequate. :)

    p/s: until the day you find your heart not beating, there is always a chance to find the girl who you'll have feelings for.

  3. yea agree with Nona...
    it's not silly wish dude. at least you already av future plan for your own.. keep up bro, prayed that you'll get what you wish for! ^^

  4. EsSoon.. haha. yup! =D

    Nona.. Firstly, thanks! thanks for the long comment and spending time to read all. =)
    yup. i agree with what you said.
    I was hoping to start a stable one now so that both have more time together before getting married.
    You know nowadays a lot couple being together for a short while den get married. After getting married only found out got more problems. That explains why the increase of divorce cases nowadays. =)
    Btw, thank you! I am still waiting for that day! =D

    Fzikuz.. thanks! =) you too!

  5. Hm...maybe now you can list on what you can tolerate...focusing only on the good ones wouldn't be fair for her, na?learn what you can tolerate. If you can love her for her bad parts, then you will love her more when you see her good parts.

    About whether spending more time or less time with her before, or after marriage, that one I don't know whether to agree or disagree. My father and mother is semi-arranged( mean they were friends, though not lovers, parents think they make good match, they get married) marriage, so balanced out. One of my cousin's marriage is love marriage, 12 years of dating, got hitched, divorce in less then 3 months. Another one is also love marriage, stood for 26 years, but crumble when her ex-lover came back.

    Well, they say good time to learn about each other is within 3 years at most, where even if both of you had done many things, there are still many more you can do as surprises when you both settle down. :) Dating for too long just means you aren't sure she/he is the one, but keeping them by your side just in case. Also, people's mentality seems to be different before and after in a solid relationship. They try their best to impress before it, and then started slacking after gotten into it. :(

    So, to shorten my essay :P, being involved is different than being committed.

    p/s: I do like to write long comments, hm?
    (-.-;) Should get full marks on Essay...

  6. LOL. no. but you should get a best reader award from me. LOL. seriously thanks. i never expect people would comment, not to mention so long! some people would not even go thru the whole thing!

    yup. i get what you mean!
    3 years huh? so i should start probably like 25? den another 3 years i would get married. LOL.

    we will see then. hopefully i will meet some1 that i will have feeling for! =p

    And... my wedding dinner i will invite you for sure. =D


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