Thursday, September 2, 2010


Henry Tan | 10:00 AM |
Came here for so long, first time sick so badly. =(
Starting with diarrhoea, then vomit, then dizzy, then fever and headache.
Everything I ate ended up with vomit.
Felt super uncomfortable!

Thanks to Yen Cheng and Pang Wui, I get to go see doctor.
Guess what! I got 6 medicine to eat!

RM73! Cost me a fortune! =(

I was, supposedly, to go for the "Cats and Dogs" premiere screening! =(
And waiting for this day to come!
Who knows..... Haih. =(

Anyway, I am happy that people around me actually care about me! =D

Thank you everyone! =)

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  1. ke lian. :p
    rmb to take ur medicine on time.
    and don simply eat food especially oily food.
    only eat beehoon soup (cannot drink soup) or porridge.
    get well soon!! :)

  2. oh my god... so many medicine to take -_-!! ...Get well soon

  3. wow!! What happen to you?
    I was just away for few days and you are ...
    sick already? Oh that's bad...

    Let me read your blog ya!
    Many post to read since I was away...

    Take care my friend!
    drink more water la!

  4. thanks everyone! appreciate a lot! =D


Thanks! Appreciate your feedback! ^^

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