Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Freshie is No Longer Fresh. =D (2)

Henry Tan | 12:14 AM |
This post will be the photos for the games in MPH.
In case you haven't see the part 1, click here

Do you still remember those game you used to play? =D

 Lucky freshies that chosen to come out play!

 Representative from guys too!

 If not mistaken, should be the car game. lol


 Go on stage to play game?

 Yes! Car game again! XD

The cup passing game!

I guess their expression tell you how excited they were! lol

Punishment again! 

Divided to two side!

The other side.

A lot more coming up. 
People, please tell me what kind of photos you want me to upload first! =D

Those sleeping in the hall?
Those eating in the foodcourt?
Or those being punished by DM? 

"Comment now and do let me know ya! =D"

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  1. gosh, miss our young faces! Thanks for uploading, more photos pls=) (yeah,those sleepin in the hall/eatin/being punished will b perfect)

  2. lol. yeah. u guys changed a lot. alright! =D

  3. Ooooo, you are still keeping those pictures. Man, it brings back memories.

  4. yup. of course. haha. purposely wait the semester finished only upload so that you guys can see how much you have changed. =p

  5. Cool. The ones sleeping in the hall please! :P

  6. lol. kellie, why? u are one of them?
    i bet not. coz u are happy to see ppl sleeping's photos!

  7. Haha, no way, i'm the good girl. Just wanna see some mouth-gaping action. :B


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