Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Skin Toasted by Laptops?!

Henry Tan | 11:23 AM |
Yup! Is your laptop on your lap now??

You might wanna remove it now.

Or else what?

Well, nothing much. *sarcastically*
Just you might get "Toasted Skin Syndrome"!

Never heard of it! What's that?

An unusual-looking mottled skin condition caused by long-term heat exposure!

 "But laptop means on top of the lap, isn't it?!"

It was supposed to put it on top of your lap.
But with protections:

 Or anything that can elevated the laptop away from your lap!

So please try to avoid that! =D

Source from Daily Chilli.

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  1. hm..if hot enough..I wonder if we can turn it around and make bbq...

  2. =.= Nona that's very cold joke you have. =.=

  3. And that is a very ironic comment you have :).

    And as for bbq, I mean chicken bbq, squid bbq...not human bbq... XD


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