Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tan's Jetty @ Penang

Henry Tan | 9:55 PM | |
I never know there's Tan's Jetty in Penang!
It was a coincident that we went there.
Somehow, it just felt special!

"Hey, it's my surname's jetty! =D"

So, is like somehow related to me? LOL

Tan's Jetty @ Pengkalan Weld! =D

The road to the jetty!

It's like entering a kampung! LOL

 Nice huh?! =D I like it a lot!
The temple!
See where all your poops will go to! LOL

 I just like the the peaceful feeling!

You can see Komtar too! 

If i could, I would stay here forever! =D
With a boat to go catch fish! XD

I guess I just can say that...

"I am a beach person! =D"
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  1. Interesting latrine. Like in the old days. Is that allowed these days? I thought you would only see something like that in China?


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