Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Loong Kee Pork Burger @ Petaling Street

Henry Tan | 10:06 PM |
Was looking for supper to eat.
Then, this pork burger attracted me.
Chinese New Year is coming, many stalls are open and compete.
If just by selling dried meat, they are not going to survive.

This bunting attracted me!

"Have you try me?" =.=

This brand famous for its dried meat isn't it?

Sausages! =D

The pork burger!

Trust me, it was disappointing.
And again, don't ever trust the advertisement!
Because the burger was totally not like the one shown.
So bad that I didn't even want to take photo of it. =S

Taste: 5/10 (Burger sucks! Meat too dry!)
Price: 7/10 (Typical roadside burger price!)
Environment: 6/10 (Normal roadside stall)
Service: 6/10 (Slow!)
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  1. u should try sunway pyramid 1.
    the pork burger is nice.
    its juicy.not dry at all.


Thanks! Appreciate your feedback! ^^

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