Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nine Emperor Gods Temple 斗母宫 @ Penang

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Yes! Penang again!
This time is in Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth!
Again, i would say....

"One of the nicest temple! =D"

You might think why every temple i also say nice right! LOL
But trust me, see the photos below first! =D

 The front door!

 The temple!

Superb huh?!

The big drawing!

Very nice isn't it?

The pagoda! and the nice statue!

Another nice drawing!

Again, ceiling full of tanglung! =D

See! =D

Too nice that im out of words ad! LOL

Coincidently having the same post! hahaha!

Not to forget myself in the photo! =D

Before leaving...

If you can notice from the photo above,
the tanglung actually hanging throughout the whole Jalan Raja Uda.
Awesome huh? =D

Well, this is another place that you shouldn't miss! =D

"Need more reason to visit Penang? =D"
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  1. Hey, this is very nice leh!
    I missed a lot of nice places la weh.
    Hey, after you graduated, let's visit one place to one place!

  2. I visited there last few days, really nice when lightup with the tanglung! Love the 9 Dragon Wall Deco too!

  3. luporti! haha. sure! =D

    ray.. yup! nice!

    juicy juice! thanks ! come here visit la! =D


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