Thursday, April 7, 2011

Snake Temple @ Penang

Henry Tan | 11:12 PM | |
Visited here during the 3D2N Penang Trip.
The place for them to visit since it is the nearest to the airport.

Snake Temple : 
For Chinese, snake is a form of dragon, can be powerful and protective.
Temple with Pit Viper, which are venomous and aggressive.
But due to the smoke from the joss stick, they tend to be inactive.
So it is interesting to see snakes inside the temple.

Snake Temple

Beware of the pit vipers which are camouflage with the trees. 

 There's a snake farm beside the temple too.

 They displayed some of the venomous snake!

Not forgetting the big one!

 Yes, you will be shocked that the monkey is closed with the keeper.
She is helping the monkey to cut finger nails.

That's it for their first visitation! =D

It could be a good place for you to drop by if you are arriving at the airport.
Besides, i think this is the only temple with snakes in Malaysia. =)
So... yes!

"Penang is AWESOME! =p"
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