Friday, July 29, 2011

Facts You Dunno About Crab!

Henry Tan | 10:45 PM |
I was watching some cooking show just now.
And they were preparing food with crabs!
As you know, I'm totally a crab lover!


Cause I always know the wrong infos about crabs!

"So Do You Think You Know About Crabs?"

A quick one!
Crab got how many legs?
6? 8? 10?

Answer: 10!
"True crabs have five pairs of legs, the first of which are modifide into a pair of claws and are not used for locomotion." quoted from WikiAnswer

Crab walk horizontally or vertically?
Horizontally? Yes? No?

Answer: Both!
"Crabs typically walk sidewaysThis is because of the articulation of the legs which makes a sidelong gait more efficient.However, some crabs walk forwards or backwards, including raninids, Libinia emarginata and Mictyris platycheles." quoted from Wikipedia

I know....

"What the crabbbbb! right? lol"

Well. In case you do not know...

 artistic work by the crabs. =D

Now you know more about crabs. ;)
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