Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Play with Google Map

Henry Tan | 10:52 PM |
I bet most of you know about this.
But I can bet you WON'T know about this....

Mysterious? Curious? TRY IT!

1. Go Google Maps
2. Search 47.110579,9.227568
3. Find the green arrow, then click Street View
4. Look up 2x and look left 2x. Spot something in the sky.....

So, did you see what I see?
LOL! Probably Monkey King and Sifu on the way going India.
On the way passby Switzerland! =DD

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  1. here also got.. 47.109071,9.253042 street view up 3x

    it's the camera dirt..

    47.109071,9.253040 here also got

  2. China -> Switzerland -> India???
    that is too far off kind of detour la, they should use GPS :P


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