Monday, August 8, 2011

Life is like Taking Bus

Henry Tan | 12:00 AM |
"Anyone never take bus before?"

I guess some of you are lucky enough that doesn't have to sit bus.
But for those who does, you will understand the feeling. ;)

Life is like taking bus.
Once you missed it,
It never comes back. 
You gotta continue to wait.

Sometimes alone, sometimes not.
But one thing for sure,
Life goes on,
You still gotta wait.

Life is like taking bus.
You might take the wrong bus.
But is okay,
You learned a lesson.

When the right one arrives,
but it is fully occupied,
and is okay,
You just have to wait for the next one.

Life is like taking bus,
you will never know when the right one will arrives,
but eventually,
the right one will comes at the right time.

Patience is the key to the destination.
Good Nite people. =) 
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