Sunday, September 18, 2011

Picture of the Day

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I found something that annoyed me so much!
I know you might saw this in a lot of places.
But one thing I could not accept...

"It happens in PENANG!"

My beloved Penang you know!

See this.

Rubbish right below the signboard.


If you observed carefully,
those rubbish are like paper plates etc.

So yes,
I suspected that house!

For me, it is okay if you throw inside the plastic bag and tied it properly.
But those outside of plastic bag and even on top of the rubbish bin?
Of course, I don't deny the possibility that some other people dump there too.
Or you could even blame the stray dogs that messed up. *which unlikely it is*  
What the heck!

"They can't read is it?"

4 languages you know! 

"Unless you are blind?!"

Ohya, or maybe hilariously you would say...
The sign in English is saying...

"Fine for littering?"

So is okay to litter? =.=
And you blame the signboard misleading?

Whatever it is,
I really hope that the community in Jalan Merican will be more considerate.

"Make Penang a beautiful place to stay!"

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  1. Malaysian love to throw rubbish under these sign board~perhaps would b better to set up rubbish bin under them?

  2. maybe they will say that...the bin is not big enuf LOL

  3. LOL!!! Malaysia boleh! Penang boleh!

  4. extremely ridiculous! its either dey actually doesnt care at all or no one taken any action before. :S

  5. This actually happens in everywhere in Malaysia sighhhhh :( Even inside my uni campus things like this happen :(


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