Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Hate Pimples!

Henry Tan | 2:34 PM |
Well, I believe everyone also feel the same!

Who doesn't, right?!

My face used to be smooth and clean!
Then I laughed on others. =(
KARMA! What goes around, comes around. 

Of course, I also gotta blame myself for the lack of taking care of it.
First, I gotta know well about it!
And I found this website to be useful!

1. What stage is your acne?
Stage 2: Mild to Moderate.
Stage 2 ACNE usually develops because treatment was not administered right away.   Along with blackheads, whiteheads, papules and pustules, more painful and deep-rooted lesions also characterize this stage of ACNE.  Stage 2 ACNE usually requires treatment from a dermatologist to prevent your ACNE from worsening.

Perhaps, it's still not too late to save my face!
Gotta start working hard on it! =D
After all, 


So, any tips for me? =D

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  1. Drink more water and eat less oily food!
    Make sure you know your skin type and use the correct skin care product :)

  2. use tea tree oil :) would be painful, but very effective!

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  3. sleep earlier. watch your water intake. a bit of detoxing would help.

    have a proper facial to get the skin cleaned and extracted. a wee sakit but bear with it. eat some panadol before the facial - it helps reduce the discomfort.

    after facial, be dilligent with your own self maintenance regime of wash-tone-moisturise. and remember the weekly scrub and mask.

  4. How I get rid of my pimples as experience?
    (1) Drink more water
    (2) Sleep early (Body hormones cause pimples when u sleep late)
    (3) Try not to stress (cause breakouts)
    (4) Don't wash your face so much (3 times a day is enough - you may hurt ur pimples more)
    (5) Don't touch your pimples/squeeze it (REMEMBER NOT TO TOUCH IT) You touch it and touch other place = spread out more pimples to your face
    (6) Pimple creams (Depends some can make it even worse and more red)
    Easily get from Watsons: Clean&Clear Pimple Cream, Oxy Brand
    Option: Sunway Pyramid NOPS Acence Blemish Spot Solution
    Other Option: Seek for dermatologist outlets like Dermalogica, etc etc.... Do not afraid to go in the shop and ask them for your skin condition
    (7) Face scrub if your pimples are alot dun scrub it too hard you may hurt your skin epidermis
    (8) Eat more Vit.C and fruits

    HAHAHAHA All da best (:


  5. Use Mung Beans face wash to wash your face-can get it from faceshop. You can use the T-3 product too, its quite effective..

  6. no comment.. i'm a living prove of a walking moon :(

  7. and also don't simply use products lOL


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