Monday, February 13, 2012

Unique Valentine Gift that I Bet You Never See Before!

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I sucks a big time in being romantic. #foreveralone#
In fact, I get a lot of complains.
So getting a birthday present, valentine gift etc is so hard for me!

So how tomorrow?! =S

Well, I got an idea.
I bet no one, yes you heard me,
NO ONE will give the same gift as me!
Interested to know what? lol

It's just a piece of paper. 

Unique huh?! XD

I figured out that creativity is not my thing.
So perhaps this is the best that I could do.
And probably that's what I'm good in. =D


Don't get me wrong.
I'm not buying a girl's heart with money,
but it would be useful some years later! 
*she might be millionaire one day XD*
You never know the power of compounding.

5% is too little?

Trust me, percentage is better than a figure. =p
So yeah, the paper is done.

to my special one out there...

Do sign and send back to me ya. ;)

How you think about my gift? =D
Special? Cool? Losuy? Lame? 
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  1. Walao! Such creative thing also you can think of! One of the most creative V-gift I ever seen before.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you. ahhaha :D


  3. Wat happen if d equity n mutual fund all going down?
    Have a great romantic Val's least get her a rose le.....

  4. Alamak, you're so creative!! Love your thoughtful Valentine's Day gift. Your girlfriend is so lucky. :)

  5. Wow... hahahaha.... very unique indeed... better not bluff ar... hahahaha....

  6. aww so sweet...and practical too! this shows that ur committed =) well done!

  7. its the though that counts right? XD
    wahaha, happy valentine's day bro.

    ps. have linked your blog on my blogroll, so you'll get to see me more often here now. Haha

    Latest: Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial Party

  8. Only 5%? Dream on, my boy, dream on...

  9. U obviously still leaving in a dream world. 105% lah kawan! :P

  10. Wow, that was SUPER COOL la kawan!! He he he.. :D.. 5% is actually big enough dy.. Well, to be exact, it's big if U earn like 10k per month.. :D.. But yeah, that's cool!! I don't dare that.. trust me.. :D

  11. so cute although it's simple! :D

  12. 5% is too little then give 50% okays? LOL

  13. Wow I really don't know what to say, lols. Is the 5% includes all the dating fund, makeup fund, outing fund and all? Lols!

  14. Awww, so lovely lah you :) she's gonna be real happy.

  15. Just read this! Such a thoughtful bf you are!! She must be real lucky to have you :D


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