Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introduce A Girl To Engineering @ Agilent Penang

Henry Tan | 7:29 PM | |
Sounds special huh?
I know you got a lot of why questions.
Me too, and which is why I chose to participate as the trainer!

I guide 4 girls! XD

my friend actually asked why not....

"Introduce a girl to engineer?"

LOL! Which is quite true!
I need that! LOL!

My 4 sisters: Chia Yi, Evonne, Ling Ying & Hui Ying.
Hopefully I didn't remember their name wrongly. =X

Total of 100 girls came to Agilent.

They are from Sin Min, Sri Relau and Convent primary.

The game time : Catch A Thief! 

The event was intended to introduce engineering to girls.
Through the game which using some simple science theory - Chromatography.

Well, personally I like mixing with kids. *not the naughty one*
I like to teach them and hope that they could learn something!

But what I found out is that...

"They are really shy!"

In fact, it is obvious that most of the Chinese school students are shy.
Comparing to others, the girls from Convent are more outspoken.
Then, I start thinking how I used to be back then.
I used to be a shy boy too. *or im still a shy boy XD*

Is it the Chinese education problem?

They are still so shyyyyy! 

I do not know.
But one thing for sure, I know this isn't good.
This is something that we should change!

"I must make sure my kids are outspoken!"

Anyway, hopefully the next time I meet them,
they would still recognize me.
And probably would not be shy to say Hi to me!

p/s: Ling Ying got fever at the end of the event =(((
hope she gets well soon *finger crossed*

What do you think? ;)
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  1. i thought you would be more shy than them :P

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  2. You're so lucky lor can guide 4 girls! LOL!
    I'm from girls' school too. Of cos shy la never communicated with male before ma :p

  3. On the first second i really thought they were your 4 sisters!!!! Agree with Charmaine up there. Girls from girl school are shy with male. Even with their male teachers in school. Hehe

  4. Btw, haha. i Spent about 2k in my HK trip. Including everything.

  5. you must have been a charmer yo the girls. look at the smiles...

  6. Hah! Me no chinese school sooooooooooooooo me no shy! :D I'll make sure Ethan no shy shy too :P

  7. camy, yup! they are cuteee!

    mt, haha yeah so innocent!

    luporti, it should be fun! =D

    fish, hahaha yeah i am, but im guy, so have to brave up a lil! =p

    charmaine, they are not from girl school! >.< just purely this program only need school girls. =X

    xing, u seems to be experienced? u are from girl school too?
    thanks! 2k! ineed to save money on that! =D

    missyblurkit, lol i hope so! =p

    merryn, lol yeah that's what i like about the culture in eng ed schoool! =D


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