Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm Sick!

Henry Tan | 8:17 PM |
Dear Readers,

Sorry that I've abandoned my blog for few days.
I been vomiting and diarrhoea!
Guess what? All thanks to....


I know it looks tasty here. *my photography skill* *erhem erhem* XD

But seriously!
I was supposed to blog about it.
But then it totally turned me down when I'm sick!

I blame the flies there!

Which in return...

4 packs of medicine! TT

Well, you know I always look at the positive side!

I learn that....

Activated charcoal is a cure for diarrhoea! 

Who would ever thought of that? At least not me. =p
I always heard that charcoal with the big surface area got high absorption.
It could absorb all sorts of things include smell, poison, toxic etc etc!
Check out more info here.

Hope you learn something too ;)
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  1. Speedy recovery, dear! I've been taking charcoal pills for years whenever I feel bloated or having diarrhoea. It's a great remedy. I love Laksa, even if it gives me diarrhoea. Hahaha!

  2. poor you.. hope you get better soon ya :(

  3. im having sore throats too, after too much of curry puffs lol

    Latest: You're Hot and Cold!

  4. awww. tomyam made me sick! drink more waterrrr! :D

  5. You sick? How are you now? Okay already/

  6. I've been MIA for several days too as both Ethan and I are sick too.. :(

    Hope you are better now.

  7. Charcoal can cure bloated stomach due to gas too! :)

  8. Get well soon! Take care n no more laksa for now :)

  9. hilda milda, thanks! =D

    blackswan, great remedy? wow! thats good den! =D

    isaac, alright! thanks!

    fish, hahaha drink more water la u! ;)

    mt, awww poor u! poor me too! lol

    camy, ops den cant ajak u go tomyam ad. haha

    luporti, now okay ad. thanks!

    merryn, awww mum get well soon! ;)

    charmaine, yeah i read abt that too! =D next time should ask those who fart a lot to eat. XD

    stephanie, yup no more laksa for now. =(


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