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Top 10 Food Posts 2013

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As 2013 is coming to the end, I would like to do a review back.
2013 is another busy year with more reviews on food, events and etc etc.
So I decided to come out with this Top 10 Food Posts judging from the view counts.
I'm truthfully grateful for all the opportunities given.
And of course, glad to meet all the new friends thru blogging.

Let's cut it short.

So here's the Top 10 Food Posts 2013!

No.1 Charcoal Burger @ New York Pizza, Penang
They are probably the first one to come out with charcoal burger in Penang.
As usual, new thing will always attracts people first.
Their scrumptious charcoal burger with self-made patty definitely deserve to be No.1! 

No.2 Pit Stop Cafe @ Lorong Chulia, Penang
One of the newly open cafe in the town of Penang.
They served very common but yummy Malaysian Chinese food.
If you miss your mum's cooking, you could get some satisfaction over there!

No.3 Spade's Burger @ Pekaka Square, Penang
Another charcoal burger in Penang, they are blooming after one and another.
But what amazed me is actually the "Shroomception" which is a mushroom burger!
Shiitake, Enoki and Portobello mushrooms! Brilliant! Shroomlicious!

No.4 Fine Dining @ Eighty Eight Restaurant, Jalan Kelawai Penang
Tempted to bring your taste bud to a higher whole new level? Try their fine dining!
The young chef very particular on every small things that made up the good food!

No.5 Eighty Tree Cafe @ Lebuh Cintra, Penang
Those who have a sweet tooth should, definitely, visit here.
Their candy floss toast is one of the yummy-iest dessert to try out! =D

No.6 32 @ The Mansion, Penang
Perfect place for a celebration or a romantic occasion for the loved one!
The creative chef from Netherland make good use of the ingredients!
Only one word to describe his food - Spectacular!
*sounds exaggerated? Go try it you will know! =D*

No.7 Carvery Night @ E&O Hotel Penang
I bet most of you would agree that E&O serves one of the best and affordable buffet dinner in town.
For the carvery night buffet, the chef actually prepare the whole roasted lamb outside.
Aroma of the roasted lamb makes you drools...
and need not to say the freshly sliced meat is perfect!

No.8 Coffee Journey @ Island Plaza, Penang
A good place to kick start your day with a good cup of coffee and a slice of cake.
Right food + right place + right time + right people = right mood! =D
With place like that, you know you will have a good day! 

No.9 Chef Petr's Catch @ Sarkies, E&O Hotel Penang
I'm a massive seafood lover! If you are the same as me, you will love this!
They provide some of the imported seafood such as Alaskan Snow Crab, River Cray Fish and etc etc.
All I can say is that their seafood are finger licking good! =D

No.10 Gala House @ Jalan Muntri, Penang
Another new cafe in Penang which is strategically located at Jalan Muntri.
Love their relaxing environment and their food!
Especially the unique Gala's Signature - Kimchi Salmon Spaghetti!

That's basically all the posts with top view counts for 2013!
How many you have tried and how do you think about it?

Do let me know you feedback too! =D

Anyway, finally....

Sincerely appreciate all the supports from the readers!
As you could see, only 357 are actually my Facebook friends!
The rest are total unknown foodies!

Thank you very much!

I will continue to post more food posts,
especially during night time to make you all starve! HEHE! =D

All the best and have a great year ahead in 2014!
Till then. ;)
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  1. Replies
    1. hahaha Mansion mah! ofcoz atas! atas than apartment and condo! XD

  2. Wah! Congrats! >.<

    I notice something though, most of the food in the list must have some dark brown/black-ish color...don't know why that caught my eyes.

    Anyway, glad to see some of my seniors still active in blogging. Many I followed have stopped or went silent. Keep it up! :D

    1. hmmm i guess it's my style that changes from time to time! haha for a while i like to edit my photo with vignetting! hahaha

  3. Ooooo got me salivating with all these delicious-ness =P

    1. haha good! stay tune for more! =D make you thirsty after all the saliva gone. haha

  4. Will continue to post more food posts, especially during night time to make you all starve << That's kind of evil! Btw, congrats for reaching 1k followers on your page! :)

    1. hahaha thanks thanks!
      yup making people hungry in the middle of the night is my intention for this blog. =p


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