Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 New Year Resolution

Henry Tan | 2:18 PM |
First of all...

Happy New Year everyone!!

New year is all about getting another new chance! 

So here are my...
2014 New Year Resolution
1. Earn more!
Associate Financial Planner - Who want to do financial planning find me kay! =D
Licensed Tourist Guide - Visiting Malaysia Year 2014! Need a tourist guide? Find me ya! XD
IBlogMyWay Blogger - This one... help me by sharing my blog on Facebook! :D

2. Spend less! Save more! 
Live within your means Mr. Henry!
Don't wear a big hat if your head is not big! *but my head is big, literally! >.<*
Save RM20k of Emergency Fund. By hook or by crook!

3. Don't stop learning!
Read 1 book per month.
Subscribed Personal Money and read!
Finish CFP course with flying colors at the end of 2014!

4. Bye bye skinny boy!
Exercise 3 times a week to gain some muscles!
Take some weight, build bigger arms!
Make the girls feel secure to have you around! XD

5. Be positive! Smile!
Approach the negativity in a more positive and productive way.
Prepare for the worst but always hope for the best!
Don't fake a smile to cover up your sorrow,
but smile because you know everything will be alright. =)

6. Build up the network!
Widen the circle of friends, network is the key!
Getting new friends is easy, but keeping them is hard!
Be more sociable and be sincerely nice to people!

7. Apply what you've learned! 
Always use the Urgent/Important Matrix to sort your tasks!
Always do things for the greater good!
If is not for a good cause, don't start it at all.

8. Give back to the society!
If monetary wise is incapable, then give in your time.
Be it the less fortunate one or just the normal society.
Continue to be active in all the social responsibility! (YE, PISF, etc)
**remember to go reward this kid you have promised**

9. Monitor the progress!
Monthly checking on the progress!
Serves as reminder that the clock is ticking for every second that I waste.
No more excuses, no more procrastination, just do it!

10. Plan it, Declare it, Achieve it!
Now I have plan it and declare it!
What's left is to achieve it!
Consistency is the key to success!

That's basically all for my resolution in 2014.
Simple and straightforward right?

What's yours? =D

Always remember to plan SMART goals. ;)

Till then! ;)
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  1. happy new year Henry sorry for the late reply! (( :
    wow, say goodbye to skinny boy , haha want to see your six packs soon!

  2. Hi, thanks for dropped by my blog..
    Happy new year & i shall plan mine one soonnnnn

  3. It's late but...HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR!

  4. Hey there ;) Happy chinese new year :P


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