Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Unboxing Lazada Box of Joy

Henry Tan | 11:47 PM |
Everybody love surprises and curiosity killed the cat. When both of these combined, you get Lazada Box of Joy! I know the concept of mystery box for a while but I never really get myself one mainly because they are mostly beauty products for girls. So Lazada really caught me off guard by sending me this lovely Box of Joy and, literally, I felt joy tremendously

Let's UNBOX together!

When I received the parcel, I was so curious like a little kid trying to open his birthday gift and so eager to find out what is inside. (Thankfully I didn't do a Vlog otherwise you will see me tearing the parcel apart!) Surprise, surprise! Unlike the usual mystery box that full of beauty products, Lazada Box of Joy actually consists of anything and everything

This is what I like about Lazada Box of Joy, you don't have to be a girl to like it. Starting with the cool gadget - SanDisk ULTRA Dual Drive m3.0 with 64GB, any guys would love this! My smartphone got only 16GB storage size, so you can tell how much I needed this without having to transfer out all my photos to PC frequently anymore. 

Definitely come in handy when we go for vacation.
Get yourself one too! Click here.

If you read I Blog My Way frequently, you would know that yours truly cooks, just like the saying "进得了厨房,出得了厅堂!". HAHAHAHA! So the next thing that attracts me the most would be the Tefal Manual Chopper. You see when I was young, dicing red onion was a nightmare especially during festive season when my mum need a lot of it for cooking. This Tefal Manual Chopper could have been my life saver with just a few easy pull and without tears! 

It should have existed in all kitchen! 
Including yours! Get it here!

Girls will always be girls. They attracted to cute things. Yes, I'm talking about this cute little panda soft toy that got my baby's attention. Very adorable isn't it? Speaking of which, you can use this voucher code "IMPANDA" to enjoy RM10 off with minimum purhcase of RM40. 

Basically these are all inside the Lazada Box of Joy. I am quite busy recently as it is towards the end of the year whereby many of #YourFinanceDoctor's clients would start to plan for 2017.

Which explains why so far the only thing that we have tried are all food, the latest Maggi OatMee and the Nescafe White Coffee Panda Flavor. It reminds me one of my old post - Maggi Milo Mee that I used to try. Just that this time it is Maggi OatMee, in which the mee is made of oat. So here's my verdict - the mee looks darker, taste as usual but texture wise softer. (Based on one packet review)

I usually cook 2 packets, so I have to buy more first!
You should try it here!

For the Nescafe White Coffee Pandan flavor, some may find it peculiar but to me it was unique with the fragrance. Parents were not too fond of it as older generation tends to stick to the norm. But for young generation (especially outliers like me! :p), I find it interesting! Just like the Lemongrass Coffee we tried in Doi Chaang Caffe. So like what they always said... 

Never try never know. Sekali cuba, hari-hari mau!
Buy yourself one too! Click here.

Stay tuned for more upcoming review on all the other products once we have try it out. In the mean time, enjoy shopping online!

Till then. ;)
Happy shopping!

If you would like to participate in reviews like this in the future, please contact to join the Lazada Family!

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