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Volunteer Briefing @ SPCA Penang, Jelutong

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The third Saturday of November, baby and I attended the Volunteer Briefing at SPCA Penang. It is a monthly event for new volunteers to get to know the shelter. I used to be a volunteer as well as a fosterer in SPCA Selangor back then during university, so perhaps it's time to contribute to SPCA Penang too!

Volunteer Briefing, SPCA Penang, Jelutong
SPCA Penang - Cute and Friendly Doggie is available for adoption

Volunteer Briefing, SPCA Penang, Jelutong
SPCA Penang - Exterior

SPCA Penang located in Jelutong, quite easy to locate using Waze or even Google Map. We were there right before 9am as the volunteer briefing starts from 9am to 11am. Since SPCA Penang is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with limited resources, there aren't many helpers around. You can either press the bell or simply just slide the gate and let yourself in. 

Volunteer Briefing, SPCA Penang, Jelutong
SPCA Penang - Office

Be sure to walk in the office and greet the friendly SPCA Administrator, Lily or Gogela, so that they know you are there. There is a volunteer log book as well, do remember to check in and check out. For new volunteer, you may sign up yourself in the volunteer membership form.  

Volunteer Briefing, SPCA Penang, Jelutong
SPCA Penang - Simple Presentation by Lily

The volunteer briefing started with a simple presentation by Lily, the SPCA Administrator. A basic introduction on what is SPCA and what SPCA does. Besides, we were being brief on all the activities that can be done by volunteers at the SPCA which include bathing to socializing with the animals. Outside of the shelter, you can also contribute in helping out the fund raising activities, promote SPCA merchandise, promote the work of SPCA (especially in adoption) and many more! 

Volunteer Briefing, SPCA Penang, Jelutong
SPCA Penang - Briefing on how to socialize with the animal

The assistant administrator of SPCA Penang, Gogela brought us to tour around and guided us on how to socialize with the animal. We learned a lot about some basics of socializing and shaping good behavior for the dogs. 

Volunteer Briefing, SPCA Penang, Jelutong
SPCA Penang - Its time to have a walk

After that, all of us could start the activities by taking out the dog and socialized with them. Most of the dogs were so excited to have visitors because probably they know they might be the lucky one to be adopted. They shake their tails and jumping in joy just to get the attention, just like any baby or children would do in order to get the attention of their parents.  

Volunteer Briefing, SPCA Penang, Jelutong
SPCA Penang - Volunteers Group Photo with dogs

To be honest, I got to know that the adoption rate in SPCA Penang is quite low whereby it could be just a few dogs get adopted in a month. The awareness of adoption in Penang definitely is still not enough yet as many still buy from pet shop. Worse of all, some irresponsible owners even abandon them when they are sick or old. So there are so much we can do to help!

So once again, I would like to urge all of you to adopt, don't buy! Do remember to neuter your pets too if you don't intend to take care all of their babies. Besides, spaying your pet before her first heat offers the best protection from those malignant diseases. Neutering your male companion prevents testicular cancer and some prostate problems too.

Address: Jalan Jeti Jelutong 11600 Penang, Malaysia.

Phone should be answered until 7pm every day. 
Emergencies are only handled during daylight hours.

Fax: (604) 2833103

Till then! ;)
See you around at SPCA Penang!
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