Tuesday, March 21, 2017

You Have Been Misinformed About Germs in Airplanes

Henry Tan | 7:21 AM |
If you are a frequent flier, you probably have fears about the germs on airplanes. They seem like such infested places. There is a lot of evidence for the existence of many breeds of germs in planes. Diseases, especially the contagious kind, can be easily borne through the confined space of a cabin. However, clean-smarter.net says you may just be worried about the wrong germs. Here are some common myths about airplanes and the germs in them you shouldn’t be worried about.

Myth 1 – The Cabin Air is Dangerous
Airplane cabin air is filtered through the most stringent of standards. There are laws and regulations that need to be upheld. Specialized HEPA filters are present in all airplanes to filter out parasites and germs in the air. The real problem is the upholstery on the seats and tables in the cabins. These include handles, armrests, and more. If airplanes are properly cleaned, these won’t be an issue. However, these surfaces can be a breeding ground for e. Coli and other dangerous bacteria.
The biggest myth is that the cabin air itself is scary. This is an outright lie. The air in your airplane cabin is probably the cleanest you have ever breathed. If you do want to watch out for surfaces, take caution with armrests and tray tables. When you’re using the toilet, try to avoid direct contact with the handle when flushing.

Myth 2 – It’s Fine to Use the Provided Pillows
Most airlines today offer free pillows and blankets before the flight. These are usually offered by cabin crew and can be requested at any time. While many people use them without problems, they can be very unsafe indeed. This is especially true for the pillow. Pillows are typically thrown into luggage compartments after use by the cabin crew. They are rarely washed, and the cases aren’t changed that often. This can lead to a massive buildup of germs on the pillow. Bring your own neck pillow or don’t use one at all.

Myth 3 – Each Aircraft is Cleaned Between Flights
This is an outright lie, and whoever told you this is sadly misinformed. Aircraft are de-trashed between each flight, but a real cleaning is very rare. Aircraft cleaning procedures aren’t regulated, and the cleanliness of a plane is rarely inspected. This means that the airline is free to decide when to clean the craft. Most of them are cleaned once a month. That means all your surfaces have been used at least ten times before you did, without being cleaned before the flight.

Myth 4 – Airline Staff Prevent Diseases from Being Spread
There isn’t a lot of staff can do to stop the spread of diseases. Regardless of measures taken to filter the air, fluid-borne diseases can spread anyway. Thinking about flirting with the good-looking passenger next to you? Reconsider before you make any physical contact. They could be harboring all manner of viruses. Take the right precautions on your aircraft and learn the real horrors before flying if you want to stay safe.

Happy flying! ;)
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