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Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner 2018 @ Hotel Jen Penang

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Where to eat for Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner in Penang 2018? Hotel Jen Penang could be your answer! This year Hotel Jen Penang is offering Course Meal Reunion Dinner, Buffet Dinner and Buffet Lunch as well. If you prefer traditional style where all sit down together to eat, read on as bae and I got the opportunity to try out their 10-course meal dinner!

10-Course Meal Reunion Dinner

Harmonious Prosperity
15 February 2018 (Thursday)
7pm - 11pm
Pinang Ballroom, Level 3

RM1,888 nett per table for 10 persons
Early Bird Offer - 15% Discount for Full Payment before 1 February

Our Chinese New Year 10-Course Meal Reunion Dinner started off with the tossing of Salmon Prosperity Yu Sheng. Personally, I never really like to eat Yu Sheng/Yee Sang due to the pickled ingredients, but rather just for the fun of tossing it around to celebrate for a auspicious new year. Okay, maybe I will just pick out the salmon to eat. (hi-5 if you are the same too!) 😂😂😂

The next dish we had was the Baked Lobster! For Chinese New Year, we usually eat better or more luxuriously such as abalone, fish maw and so on, but lobster during Chinese New Year?! That's new to me but I like it! 

Chef uses warm water lobster, a.k.a spiny lobster, which is with two long antennas instead of big claws. Nevertheless, it was done well with the huge lobster being split-cut, topped with some cheesy creamy sauce and baked to perfection! We loved it very much! 👍👍👍

Next, Double-boiled Chicken Consomme with Young Coconut, Dried Scallop, Snow Fungus and served with Deep-Fried Spring Roll. Such a long name, but certainly it is a tummy-warming bowl of soup! For Penangite, we are familiar with the combo of Laksa and Spring Roll. Surprisingly, the soup goes well together with the crispy Spring Roll too! 

Then, Empress Signature Roast Duck served with Passion Fruit and Pine Nuts Relish. I have to give compliment to the creative chef of Hotel Jen Penang, this is definitely not the typical roast duck dish you can find it elsewhere. The roast duck was quite huge and can be quite oily too, but the smart usage of sour-sweet passion fruit relish makes it more tempting than ever. I just can't stop eating! 

Next up, Wok-Fried Sea Prawns in XO Sauce. This is a typical dish that would appears in any dinner menu be it for wedding or anything else. What I like the most is the use of green bean sprouts (豆苗) which placed underneath the prawns. This way, the prawn gravy is not wasted, yet they taste amazing with the crunchy green. 

After a few tasty dishes, time to change a taste as we had Homemade Wild Berries Sherbet at half time. I think this is a rare arrangement in Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner, but a smart one I reckon! The cold, sweet, sourish sherbet acts like a mouth washer, refreshing our taste buds and keep us going for the second half! 👏👏👏

For the 7th dish, we had Steamed Bean Curd Skin with Assorted Mushroom and Poached Broccoli. This is more like a traditional dish, where Fa Chai (hair moss) and dried oyster were being added to the dish which resemble prosperity. 

Then, Steamed Live Tiger Garoupa with Superior Soy Sauce and Ginger. Well, everyone knows the best way to cook a good fish is by steaming it. Chef of Hotel Jen Penang did that well with just simple superior soy sauce, ginger, thin silken thread of scallion as well as cilantro that give that extra fragrant. 

Usually the last would be the most fulfilling one - Signature Longevity Noodles with Seafood. Fish, prawns and mushrooms were being stir fried together with the noodles and thicken with cornstarch (勾芡). Chef definitely does not want us to go back with hungry stomach! 

Lastly, we had Eight Treasure Rice Pudding with Sesame Ball to end our 10-Course Meal Reunion Dinner. The 10-Course Meal Reunion Dinner, a.k.a Harmonious Prosperity, comes with 1 complimentary bottle of Whisky, Mandarin Oranges as well as free flow of Chinese tea. 

If you opt for cheaper package, Hotel Jen Penang does offer RM1,398 nett per table for 10 persons with exact same dishes above except for the Baked Lobster. Read the flyer above for more details! If you prefer to go for Buffet Dinner or Buffet Lunch, no worry, Hotel Jen Penang does it all! 

Happy Chinese New Year in Advance!
From all the bloggers and Hotel Jen Penang team!

Book now to enjoy the early bird 15% Discount!

Call 04-262 2622 for booking!

Jalan Magazine, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Till then!
Enjoy the big feast! 

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