Friday, August 17, 2012

Me versus Acne

Henry Tan | 10:29 PM |
In case you have forgotten, Me versus Hair Loss.
Well, I always versus all the bad things! #meagainsttheworld TT

I'm gonna start the post with a story.
And let the picture tell you that.

Moral of the story?

#truestory x 99999999

And I only realized I complained before in my blog.

Well, good news about this post is that...
Finally not just "ME" against the world.
But rather....

"Us against the world!!"

"Us" means that I've found a good partner! =D
Well, this is not a paid post but simply just sharing.

She is Dermedex!!

This is the second small tube.

And guess what...
After using for a month, I only realized....

You may fall in love with this product. =.=

She's not cheap though.
So far I just tried the small tube which is RM11 per 10g tube.
The bigger bottle costs over RM100++.
Next month gonna have a big hole in the pocket!

Well, again...


So, no choice! XD
Highly recommended for those who got the same problem! =D

Till then,
Stay tuned! =D
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