Monday, October 4, 2010

Freshie is No Longer Fresh. =D

Henry Tan | 5:20 PM |
Time flies, one semester has ended.
How much have you changed?

Let's look back how you used to be when you first came to MMU. =)

Here are just some group photos.
More coming up.
Feel free to grab it yourself here. =)
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  1. myself there xD
    more photos please oc henry ^___^

  2. group 5 =___=
    HAHAAAA...beside the chinese girl in red ;pp

  3. XD I remembered trying to run from the camera! I succeeded! No photos of mine in sight :P ! XD

  4. fatin. spotted! LOL

    nona! ish. lol.

  5. :P I saw this one guy coming with a camera looming over.It was you. One of my wondering at that time was when you go into the girl's hostel's car park in the morning roll call after prayers," HERE TOO!?"

    Good thing I have 10 years of face-covering training, XP.

  6. Nona, ofcoz! =p I am everywhere! =p


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