Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Outing @ Pantai Kerachut

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Went to Pantai Kerachut with family last weekend.
Really nice! =D

Is actually part of the National Park

The jetty.

 Low tide.

You might want to avoid all these:

Glow in night?

The unique lake!

Finally, the beach!

I want to spend the rest of my life here! =D



YES! You can see turtle here!

Too bad, we went at the wrong time!

I simply just love this so much.
This is probably the last clean beach that haven't got polluted.
Dolphins could be spotted too if you are lucky enough!

It is worth to go!
I would recommend you to walk in through the jungle trek. (Free)
Sit the boat on the way back. (RM 10 per person)
*The price may differs, but my family 4 persons only they also fetch*

So, what are you waiting for?

"Plan a trip there! =D"
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  1. seems like a nice place to visit and wind down!


  2. never heard about this Pantai before...but nice beach

  3. nice pictures! i like the one at the bridge.

  4. Aww didn't know that we can see turtle there :)I like jungle trekking but my boyfriend prefer not to, haha. Hmm how was your Japan Disneyland trip? I don't speak Japanese =P will I able to survive there?

  5. whoa! I am so going there when I next visit penang!

  6. cute crab! er...the baby turtles look quite kesian in the small jar =\

  7. Dolphin from the sea?in penang national park?!it's cool if get to see that...

  8. nowadays its become so clean!! shud visit it again. hehe

  9. mistarJ, yup. surely it is! too bad not many ppl know about it. but is good too! i dont wish that it would be polluted! =D

    ronnie.. yup. not so famous! haha. but nice! =D

    sim yee, thanks! =D

    Rolling Fumbling Thug, yup. sure u can! =D got money everything also can! =p

    laila.. thats good! =D

    shin wei.. haha. good! =D

    chuen.. haha.. they are all dead one.. sample! =D

    jennifer, yup! a lot ppl saw it! except me! bad timing! =(

    sl619.. lol. u visit before?

    teh tarik drinker.. thanks! =D

  10. pantai kerachut, em... nice place
    i have my school interaction day at there

  11. dolphins could be spotted? seriously?


Thanks! Appreciate your feedback! ^^

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