Saturday, August 13, 2011

All You Need is Love

Henry Tan | 4:19 PM |
I'm sure most of you come across this title

 "High five for first kiss"

No? Yes?
Well, the video has been circulated in Facebook and Youtube for sometime.
Somehow today I only went to watch it.
and it reminded me a lot of things. =)

 First kiss - it just happens when the time is right.

First kiss - I got so excited to the MAX that words can't describe! 

First kiss - that can makes me go WOOHOOOO! 

First kiss - I'm so happy that I wanna tell the whole world! 

"All you need is L-O-V-E!"

First time is always so pure, so memorable!
I may not know what love really is,
but one thing for sure...
at that moment...

"I am the happiest in the world!"

Just like the kids in the video. =)
What about you?
Do you feel the same way like me? =D

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