Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pole Dance for Men too!

Henry Tan | 2:15 PM |
What's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say...

"Pole dance?"

Well, to me...
Girls? Sexy? Seducing?


This kind of picture will flashed thru your mind right?


What about this? =X

 Yeah! Men pole dance too!

Can you accept that? LOL
Well, either you do or don't,
believe it or not...

"He's earning RM24,000 per MONTH!"

Yup. As a pole dancing instructor in China!
That's way more than my future engineer's salary. =.=

"So anyone in Malaysia would do this first? XD"

Source from Daily Chilli.
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  2. wanna change your career & be a instructor? lmao

  3. LOL!!! So fun like that le. U can even teach girls how to pole dance~

  4. Ok,I'll try this.. LoL.. ^_^.v..

  5. as long as it makes money``
    and it shud be monitor lizard..hehehe~

  6. quit engineer study and go for pole dance! xD

  7. wah... im gonna go tell my dad to try pole dancing. hehehehe


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