Monday, October 17, 2011

Hot Spring, Butterfly Farm & Canopy Walkway @ Poring, Sabah

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In case you haven't read the full schedule of my trip, click here. =)

Frankly, I'm not a big fans of hot spring & butterfly farm. *nothing special =.=*
Besides, you can find it anywhere in west Malaysia too.
Poring to me is more towards the canopy walkway!

Check out the photos! =D

The entrance!

With the view of the river!

The hot spring *boring*

Butterfly farm *boring*

The only butterfly that sit still for me to shoot =.=

Oh Wait! See this!

If you watch Lives of Omission by Laughing Gor,
Then you would know this fella here! XD

You have to jungle trek a while to reach the canopy walkway!

Finally we reached!

hoho! 30 meters in the treetop! *not scared =p* 

I didn't get to take photo as each camera will be charged RM5. =S 

 Stupid act! LOL!

Just when we came down from canopy walkway, it started to rain. =(
We ended up all wet and directly went for hot spring!
Because of raining also, I didn't get to take any photo. Sigh!
But still I wanna say....

KK is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! =D

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  1. U prank me! I really thought u saw Laughing gor. This is because my family and my friends said HK celebrities love to go KK. Like my dad, he ever saw Louis Koo for two times in KK. So I really thought u saw Laughing Gor. Hahaha...

  2. You guys looked like you had so much funn! Gosh, I've always wanted to visit sabah and now these pics make me want to even moreeeee (maybe after spm)

    till then, cheers!

    punk chopsticks, xoxo

  3. lol I also kena con and come in here see Laughing Gor!

  4. ohhh this post makes me miss kk ady :(

  5. it's like cameron highlands.. except for the canopy walk :)

  6. Diana and Kian Fai, i did write "laughing gor's 囂 士", so i didnt really prank you. ;) perhaps read carefully next time. =p

    punk chopsticks, yup! you shud totally visit there! yeah after ur spm ;)

    clevermunkey, haha den go lo! =D

    ken, cameron got hot spring? but yeah its cold up there! =D

  7. Hey have u been to Frim before? There also got canopy walk leh! XD

  8. i went to FRIM before! but i didnt know there's canopy walk! i tot just waterfall and those trees? =O

  9. the canopy walkway looks awesome, not scared ar?

    And hot springs, can jump in with any clothes? Or got dress code.

  10. LOl Will do! I don't get it, are you from peninsular malaysia or sabah?

  11. Isaac, nope, im not fear of height. =X LOL
    yup, they even provide private room which RM15 per hour. nope, no dress code, but no naked. =p

    punk chopsticks, I'm from penang. ;)

  12. What I like about Sabah is how people preserve the wildlife there and turned areas into eco-tourism zones, one of which is the UNESCO-designated Kinabalu National Park. I could go swimming in their hot springs and go bungee jumping if I get the chance to go there.

  13. @shanae Buckner, haha good that u like it! =D


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