Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rafflesia @ Kundasang

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A quick one.

What's the world largest flower?

Rafflesia Arnoldii

I bet most of you know, it's Rafflesia!
But have you seen before?
Well, I did! =D *it doesn't come cheap!*

You could easily saw a lot of signboard at the roadside.
So just simply choose one to go. =D

 Simply put up a board to mark territory? =O
Quite a distance to walk from roadside to the Rafflesia. 

Here it is!

Coincident or purposely, they actually put them side by side!
So that you could see their process of growing! 

Well, they are not smelly yet.
Probably because it's just the second day of blooming.
and also just after the rain.

Raining day.

But nothing stop us from taking photo. =D

As I said, there's a price to pay!
Guess how much it is to see just A (yes, singular!) flower like that?

Foreigner : RM20 per person
Local : RM10 per person

They might ask for RM20 per person in the beginning.
But don't be foolish, negotiate first!
I successfully negotiated for the price of RM50 for 6 persons! =D

Still expensive? Not worth?
Well, you should know the flower only bloom for around 5 days.
While it takes 6-9months for the budding period!
Not only that, male and female Rafflesia gotta be opened at the same time for reproduction!
So it is rare and some species is endangered!

Now you know more about Rafflesia already. =D
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  1. Just to see??? That smelly flower??? No, thank you. We also have it in Sarawak...somewhere from Kuching and I don't think they charge people to go and see the flower. Tsk! Tsk!

  2. This place is one of the best to spend my Christmas vacation together with my family and children. Thanks for sharing this!

    Pousadas Em Florianopolis

  3. Hey, I know this flower! I haven't seen or smelled one tho'. Lol! That was a great opportunity! Thks for sharing, Henry!

  4. Luporti, perhaps for ppl living in west of malaysia. =S

    suituapui, lol. aiyo in west malaysia takda mah, so it's like treasure to us! lol but of course see once will do la. haha

    ledzepellin41, good for u! =D

    blackswan, lol are u interested to go see then? =D


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