Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chap Goh Meh @ Straits Quay

Henry Tan | 8:20 PM | |
My first time to witness the event of throwing mandarin orange.
Since I'm free and I'm playful, so I decided to throw one too.
Some of you keep telling me that I'm not supposed to throw orange but apple.

Yes, yes, yes! I know!

I even know that I should throw banana, peanut and stone!
But it was a last minute decision you know!

Hell lots of people!

The dragon! =D

Met Boon Hooi there! after 5 years! LOL

my orange! ^^

FYI, written by my fren!

The boats are getting ready!

and already got people cant wait to throw! 

See! a lot of people also!

They are getting ready to throw! 

Mandarin oranges flying everywhere!

Video will be uploaded soon! =D

Met Ah Yoke / neighbor there! 

Nothing much actually.
I don't really like crowded place either.
So probably not going anymore unless any special case. LOL

So how you celebrate Chap Goh Meh? =D

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  1. oh, me?
    With Henry, Luporti and Casper....XD

  2. wow... collecting to tangerine to do charity after no one pick the tangerine

  3. xD ah if im single i also go throw

  4. See? U throw orange and at the end of your post u got urself a girl to pose with. Good enuf! :P

  5. Adui,why you didn't help me one? you should write my name+my phone number there!!! hahah

  6. applefish. swt la u! haha

    nikel, im not sure if it still can be eaten.

    houhousek, haha still can throw one la! just for fun! ;)

    merryn, what a lame example! lol

    anonymous, who are u? LOL

  7. Hey! Your neighbour so pretty leh? Wei! What are you waiting for?

  8. Every CNY, I'm always down with terrible throat; a CNY syndrome. Lol! This year, I was so tired cooking & cooking, eating & eating, till I fell ill. I didn't even celebrate Chap Goh Mei. So seeing this post is really fun.

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