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Pak Barra Jetty @ 3D2N Koh Lipe

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In the last post which is about the stop at Hatyai.
So now continue with the Pak Barra Jetty. =p
After almost two hours, we finally arrived at Pak Barra Jetty.

It would be wise to do some shopping here before going into Koh Lipe.
The price increase double inside the island. ;)

Our travel agent help us tag our bag with ribbons. 

Excited to the max when entering this gate! 

Some of the speed boats there.

Kinda worried to see all the dark clouds! >.<

But still we were very excited! =DDD

Ohya, after hours of travelling, we were super duper hungry! 

And really sorry to the other passengers, 
especially those sitting infront of me. =X

Cause they can only see us eat! XD

Trust me, I was taking the photo of the jetty. >.<

Well... something happened on the way...


We were all wet because of the rain.
and of course the water from the waves that splashed on us
since we are sitting at the side of the boat. =.= 

That explains why no photos for this part. =(((

Since the speed boat is quite big and it might hit the rock near to the island.
So we actually have to change to small motor boat when we were near to the island.

50 Baht for the motor boat!

So many people have to squeeze into one.

But who cares, we just can't wait to step our foot onto Koh Lipe! =D

Finally, I'm in Koh Lipe! and it's AWESOME! =DDD

I really got a feeling!! =DDD

Expenses for the speed boat is included in the RM480 package.
So I'm not sure how much it is exactly.
But it is a 50Baht for the motor boat per person.

Journey to Koh Lipe @ 3D2N Koh Lipe

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  1. Yeer.. u all can eat in front of ppl liddat. so jahat :P

    Were you aware that you all need to fork out additional 50baht for the motorboat?

  2. Your friend can sleep standing up one kah? 2nd last photo also sleeping... Muahahahahaha!!!!

  3. @merryn, yup i felt guilty too, especially later on when you be friend with them. =.=
    nope. we thought that it is a direct one way toward the island.

    @suituapui, hahahaha i dunno! but it is really tiring for the long distance travelling! >.<

  4. syok lo syok lo. go such nice place :P

  5. lots of fun travelling..if only i can do that full time

  6. Koh Lipe is on my list. Not this year though unless I get time off later part of this year.

  7. You did take the pic of me sleeping, Bro!! >_<

  8. is rm480 include accomadation and the transport??

  9. Thank you nice article.
    your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!
    I love here Surin Phuket This hotel is very nice clean and the people are friendly. VERY nice hotel with helpful staff.
    And I really love white sand, crystal clear waters at Surin Beach too.
    Thank again.


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