Saturday, May 12, 2012

Penang Apartments for Rent

Henry Tan | 8:04 PM |
As you know, Penang is full of companies especially at the Free Industrial Zone, Bayan Lepas.
Be it for internship 3 months in Penang or permanently after graduated.
Many of my friends always ask me the same question.

Where to rent apartment in Penang?

Well, honestly I can hardly suggest any places.
I could only tell you where's the nearest apartment to the work place.
But if there's any available apartment for rent,
Or even how much is the rental.

Gosh, how should I know 
when I'm staying at my own house?

Lol, okay la. Maybe not that serious.
I am still more than willing to help. ;)
That's why I'm writing this.

Fret not! Now you can easily find Penang Apartments from PropWall!

Whatever infos that you need you could get it there.
For example, the price, the contact, the condition of the house, etc etc.
It is convenient too as you could sort it by the area in Penang.

So now you know where to look for! ;)

Next, a bit of off topic, but I actually look for house on sales thru here too!

Did you see what I see?

Just apartments/condos in Penang also easily costs up to RM1.2mil!
That definitely scared me away with my little pay. TT
But that's how serious the price in Penang skyrocket-ed.

I really need to earn more money!

And forgot to mention that my colleague which older than me a year bought a house already.
That's really a pressure!
If he can do it, why can't I?
Time to work hard!!!
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  1. dont worry, you can do it :)

  2. Quick! Quick! Buy your own when I go to Penang, I can stay at your place for free! Hehehehehehe!!!! I borrow your car too, can? Must save on taxi, so expensive in Penang. ;)

  3. i tot at pg still have those low cost ..
    which is below RM500?
    step by step first le ...
    I guess that infinieon pay a good salary and with your investment plan ..
    I am sure you can buy a bungalow in no time ..... ;)

  4. camy, ofcoz i can. just a matter of time. ;)

    Suituapui, hahahaha i think you still need to wait for another year or two. ;)

    Simple person, low cost you mean flat? yup there are still some cheap one but only for those super old flat.
    errr im in agilent, not infineon. =p

  5. This Penang apartments looks too good. I am impressed with your description about the apartment but rent would be too high of it.


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