Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Red Day Part 1 @ Agilent Teambuilding

Henry Tan | 10:54 PM |

RED day!

Don't get me wrong.
We are not there to support UMNO Youth. XD
Although we are all in red. 

See! I think there's over 100 of us. =D

My group! Madagascar! =DDD

Which character you think suits me? =.=

The Madagascar group! =DD

Get ready with all the balls. =D

Some very greedy one. =p

The "chemistry" we have. hahaha

Welcome the new girl join us. =D

Finally with the HTC group! =DD

After a lot of group photo taking...

Back to the game! LOL


Didn't get to take many photos though.
Busy playing. >.<

So here's the result!! =DD

Guess whose? XD

Spot my name. =p

Really fun playing bowling again.
Especially with a group of fun people! =DD
Well, that's not the end of it, yet!
Next up, lunch at E&O Sarkies Corner! 

Stay tuned! =D
Till then. ;)
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  1. Nice..one!!our score almost same..mine 100 LOL...ahah..nway its a really nice game..

  2. This remind of my previous company's sport activities. We also play bowling and all of us wear the red colour T-shirt too, our sport theme T-shirt. By the way, which one is your name? Sorry ya. I don;t know your full name.

    1. lol. wahhh. same ya. erm tan choon xin. =)

  3. I think you're the one whose total score was 230... Right or not? Wah!!! You're good at playing with balls eh? LOL!!! Hey! That handsome friend of yours is also working in the same company kah, the one who celebrated his birthday the other day?

    1. hahaha pandai! =D yessss. =.= why are u interested in guy? XD

  4. i miss bowling too!! long time never play! >.<

  5. I m sure it is ver fun playing in a big group....
    Mingle with each other...
    Btw the malay girl looks cute..... :)

    1. hahaha yuppp. its fun. but not winning the price is not fun. >.< lol yup. she's popular too! ahhaha

  6. Super long time didn't play bowling, I remember last time after playing bowling my long nails will surely break >.<

    1. lol cut ur finger nails before playing la! hahahaa

  7. Bowling is one game that I could get trashed by girls LOL. The Amazing Spider-Man - movie review

    1. lol. u sure? cause usually girls not that good one wor. =p

  8. Bowling?? I'm so 'good' with this.. Can't even reach 100 point in any frame.. T_T.v.. Ho ho ho.. Well, I think ur name was that VACANT one.. rite?? :p.. JK bro.. :p


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