Monday, October 8, 2012

My Convocation Presents

Henry Tan | 10:27 PM |
Finally, my convocation is over.
It marks the end of my university life. =(

Well, I got no flowers! =(

Nobody give me. TT
I know I am very realistic.
I always tell people to give me something useful.
But everyone got flowers except me makes me feel weird.

Anyway, atleast I still get something! =D

Not many, just 4, but enough to make me happy! =D

Starting with a gift from my FYP lecturer, Dr. Sin.

8GB microSD - all his FYP students also can get! =D

Then, a gift from my clone! =DDD

A water bottle with motivational quote. =D
But i like the card with of words the most! =D

Then, a card from MMURC.

They draw the cartoon-us.

Does it look like me? =D

They even did this. Must be troublesome! Really got heart! =D

Guess what it is? =DD

It's a wallet! Hohoho!

I personally like it very much! 
Makes me more like a man! HAHA

Envy me? =p

Next one! A Parker Pen!
My last Parker Pen as a gift was during Standard 6! 

Appreciate very much tho!

Because successful person 
needs to sign a lot! XD

Well, those who haven't give me...
erhem erhem *hint*
You know what to do la.... XD

Till then. ;)
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  1. Happy graduation! You got so many presents!! Envy* I only hav flowers :-P


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