Thursday, September 13, 2018

Frisch and Barc @ Perth, Western Australia

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During our first day in Perth, we had our first breakfast ever at Frisch and Barc Cafe at Canning Highway, Perth, Australia. This cafe was actually recommended by a friend as I made appointment to meet her there. I was quite surprised that even though with the amount of "homework" I did surfing through the net, I did not come across this cafe. Well, thankfully, I went! 

Scrambled Eggs on Toast - $10.90

We got ourselves Hot Chocolate ($4.50), Smoked Beef Benedict ($19.50) and Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($10.90). Not sure if we were overly excited on the first day in Perth or what, but the drinks and food are heavenly good! It could not be better to start the day by having a cup of hot chocolate that warms our body and make it perfect with the sweet scent of toasted marshmallows. 

Smoked Beef Benedict - $19.50

For our food, Bae actually complimented the scrambled egg as it was so smooth, so silky that it is the best she ever had! Smoked Beef Benedict was equally tasty too. The only downside was the price there. Imagine a breakfast costs $19.50+$10.90+$4.50 = $34.90 x 3 = RM104.70. 😭😭😭 Well, I supposed it's common for every Malaysian where we have to adapt ourselves by stop converting every single Australian dollar that we spent. 😂

Thanks to my friend, Dr Yati, she treated us the breakfast. ✌ It was a great catch up with her as she brought us around and even to her home. Truly grateful and thankful to her. 🙏

Frisch and Barc - photo taken from cafe's Facebook

I actually took a lot of photos of the place and the drinks, but somehow I accidentally deleted the photos. Otherwise you would be the same like me, amazed by how nice the cafe is! Nevertheless, if you happen to be in Perth, remember to try it out at Frisch and Barc! 

Frisch and Barc

Reservation can be done easily at the website!

(08) 9367 5124

Stay tuned to all the upcoming post on Perth!
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