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Day 2 @ 7D6N Taiwan Trip

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In case you haven't read the previous one. ;)

Day 1 @ 7D6N Taiwan Trip

So here's the Day 2 for 7D6N Taiwan Trip.

Summary for Day 2:
09.30am : Breakfast @ Lailai Yonghe Soybean Milk (来来永和豆漿)
11.00am : Summit Resort @ Xinshe Taichung (新社莊園 @ 台中)
01.00pm : Lunch @ Mushroom Bear Restaurant (菇菇熊餐廳 @ 新社, 台中)
03.00pm : Alpaca @ Tianma Ranch (草泥马 @ 天馬牧場, 台中)
06.00pm : Sunset @ Gaomei Wetland (夕阳 @ 高美濕地台中)

And again, it is a super long post! 
So starting with the breakfast... 

Breakfast @ Lailai Yonghe Soybean Milk 

The original old shop, so famous that they got franchise in China too!

Telling you upfront that their soybean milk will have the smell of burnt!

Unlike the usual soybean milk I drink in Malaysia,
Yonghe soybean milk is more to thin and diluted,
but heavy smell of bean!

Taiwanese breakfast usually will be like this.

我知道 你和我 就像是豆漿油條~~
 要一起 吃下去 味道才會是最好~~

Yup, even song also described soybean milk must mix with fried breadstick (you tiao).

Again, unlike the usual you tiao I always eat.
Their you tiao uses very little of dough which makes it super crunchy.
The deep fried strip of dough somehow is too oily for my liking.

Another one thing to try in Taiwan is the Potstickers/Dumpling (鲜肉锅贴).

Green Onion Pancake (葱油饼) - Always heard it in TV shows!
Finally got chance to try!
But it's like roti canai with bawang hijau!

Steamed Soup Dumpling (小笼汤包) - another yummy Chinese cuisine!

Egg Pancake (蛋饼) - Roti telur! 

Quite a big shop!

Many other yummy food but I'm just too full to try it all! 

Summit Resort @ Xinshe Taichung 
(新社莊園 @ 台中)

One of the scenery-tourist-spot of Taichung. 
It is like a secret garden in Taichung!

Entrance fees cost NTD250.
But NTD100 F&B voucher given for the shop inside.  

Soft reminder on how you should wear in summer!
Since it is summer, you gotta protect yourself from the sun and the mosquito!

Quite a big place which consists of garden, castle, rock zone etc etc.

Rock zone with all the huge huge rock!

Inside the garden got some rock too.

This one looks like a horse isn't it.

A lot of beautiful flowers but I like lavendar the most! =D

Some of the nice buildings.

The castle!! 

The lake infront of the castle!

Good place to relax your mind and soul!

The artificial waterfall.

Bye bye castle!

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Lunch @ Mushroom Bear Restaurant 
(菇菇熊餐廳 @ 新社, 台中)

Interesting name isn't it.

Would you want to sit beside me? =D

Bear and mushroom.. a bit weird combination.. haha

Heavy decorated with bears!

Mushroom Minced Meat (香菇肉燥) - Yummy! Good to eat with white rice!

Boneless Chicken (油淋无骨鸡) - served cold which is a bit weird for me
but the meat is smooth and tender though

Mushroom with sauce (酱烧双菇)

Chili Salted River Prawn (椒盐溪虾)

Fresh mushroom pot (鲜菇风味锅) - Like Bah Kut Teh but without bah kut!
I call it mushroom teh! LOL

Fried Mushroom

Mixed mushroom sausage (百菇香肠)

Green veges (翠绿时蔬)

Basically everything with mushroom! LOL

3-4 persons NTD950
But we 8 persons share it! =D


Alpaca @ Tianma Ranch 
(草泥马 @ 天馬牧場, 台中)

NTD250 per person! 
Quite expensive!

Nope, not this one. This is a pony! haha


sounds like a vulgar words! LOL

They are actually a combination of camel and sheep!

You want to hug? LOL
The small one cuter right!!
They seems to love me! ^^

If they are being attacked, they will scream with high pitch! LOL
Their furs are valuable! Which also called as "Golden Fur"!

Seeee! Even ostrich also loves me!
He knows where to look at when taking photo! hahaha!

I'm such an animal-magnet! LOL


Well, personally nothing much.
Paying NTD250 just to see Alpaca only. 

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Clothes stalls under the flyover? Nice wall painting though...

Time for teabreak!

BBQ Cuttlefish - NTD50!


Shell snail? IDK >.< (田螺)

Sunset @ Gaomei Wetland  
(夕阳 @ 高美濕地台中)

Wind turbines! 

See the wind turbine! 
Like a logo of....
Mercedes! *coincidentally*

Then we arrived at the wetland! =D

You can actually go down there! 

But I'm good with sitting aside! ^^

Little girl catching crabs!

Happy family!

The sun goes down~~~

Ignore my hairy legs.. lol

We actually waited for an hour for sun set!

See still slowly going down...


Touch down!!

And so fast disappeared!

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After that we headed back to Fengjia.
And that's when all the shopping begins!

While waiting...

I can only eat and FB! LOL

That's why you will see some update on my wall. XD

And that's just for Day 2!

Basically that's it for Day 2 @ 7D6N Taiwan Trip.
Our schedule not too packed actually,
and we adjust from time to time too.

Total spending for Day 2:
NTD 3500 = Entrance fees - NTD500, Food - NTD1000, Shopping - NTD3000
*rough estimation*
Because I like to eat a lot!
Jalan-jalan cari makan! 

By the way.. van uncle gave me a new name...

"小陈" is my new nickname... =.=

Stay tuned for the upcoming days! =D 

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  1. Soyabean smelt of burn, how to drink oh? I wont drink wan liddat..

  2. I have certainly missed a lot of places during my last trip to Taiwan. Would love to go back and explore more of the beautiful places and delicious local cuisine.

  3. four season country always have nice scenery lo..

  4. arghh i wanna go taiwan for shopping!!!
    and yalo burnt soymilk, can drink mer?

    1. hahaa faster plan lo! haha can can.. not really burnt laa.. is like.. roasted bean? haha

  5. Thanks for sharing, will take it as a reference for my coming trip, yoohoo~!!

  6. OMGEEEE, I wanna touch and see those Alpacas too! So cuteeeee!

  7. Replies
    1. hahaha can go for a getaway sure will be happy one. =D

  8. omg. the sky there so niceee. unlike m'sia. so hazyyy

  9. super miss taiwan after reading your post!!! and 草泥马 is so cute!!!!! hahaha

    1. haha go again go again! =D yesss i think they are cute too! =D

  10. I've never seen an alpaca in person... i prefer my soya drinks to be thick though. Lovely place for shooting! Love the food! :D

    1. haha then u shud go taiwan bro! yupp me too! i like it thick. yuppp im sure u will get awesome photos there. =D

  11. Taiwan is definitely a nice place to visit, both the scenery and food, and i was told that the price is very reasonable.

  12. hi. may i know the driver uncle that u have and roughly how much for the day on taichung,


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