Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guy vs Girl

Henry Tan | 9:39 PM |
First, let me show you a picture.
I saw it on Facebook but not sure who to credit to. =S

"Quite true la right?"

But what about guy vs girl?
Which is also the reason I came up with the following pictures.

"TRUE???? XD"

Okay la, maybe not ALL guys are that pervert-ed. 

"But I'm not totally wrong too!"

You just gotta admit I'm right! =D
And of course, girls would be the same.
Cute guys, muscular guys, tall guys, funny guys...
Usually attracted the girl first.

"Right girls? =D"

Too bad I got no illustration for girls.
So tell me if I'm wrong! =D
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  1. haha gentleman attract girls nowadays !!

  2. for me it's funny yet gentle guy! not necessary to be good-looking as long as he's not selekeh (duno what english called). xD

  3. i dont agree with the first one. I dont do taht lo. I say Hi means hi loh. Hahah.

  4. hahah! totally disagree! guys should stare on tummy>_<

  5. in contrast with the case 1... and yea~ girls do stare at cute guys or their macho body... but girl don't stare like what guys stare in case one.. LOLx~


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